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  • Bump sidekiq dependency to sidekiq >= 2.14.0
  • Remove slim templates and dependecy
  • Escape exception info when outputing to html
  • Add Sidekiq::Failures.reset_failures helper method
  • Add Sidekiq::Failures.count helper method (@zanker)
  • Adhere to sidekiq approach of showing UTC times
  • Catch all exceptions, not just those that inherit from StandardError (@tylerkovacs)
  • Fix private method call (@bwthomas)


  • Support ERB for sidekiq >= 2.14.0 (@tobiassvn)
  • Bump sidekiq dep to >= 2.9.0
  • Show newest failures first (@PlugIN73)
  • Fix specs (@krasnoukhov)


  • Fix exhausted mode when retry is disabled (@wr0ngway)


  • Added processor identity to failure data (@krasnoukhov)
  • Handle Sidekiq::Shutdown exceptions (@krasnoukhov)
  • Add failures maximum count option (@mathieulaporte)
  • User Expception#message instead of Exception#to_s (@supaspoida)
  • Removed web depencies (@LongMan)
  • Stop overloading find_template (@zquestz)


  • Allow per worker configuration of failure tracking mode. Thanks to @kbaum for most of the work.
  • Prevent sidekiq-failures from loading up sidekiq/processor (and thus Celluloid actors) except for inside a Sidekiq server context (@cheald)
  • Fix pagination bug
  • Add failures default mode option (@kbaum)
  • Add checkbox option to reset failed counter (@krasnoukhov)


  • Adequate layout to new sidekiq web ui design (@krasnoukhov)
  • Improve backtrace view (@krasnoukhov)
  • Remove unnecessary slash in redirect (@krasnoukhov)
  • Invert order of failed jobs (@krasnoukhov)


  • Show backtrace similar to resque (Kunal Modi)