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Machine learning notebooks

This project contains solutions to the Stanford Machine Learning course exercises implemented with Python and scikit-learn. The scikit-learn machine learning library provides optimized implementations for all algorithms presented in the course and needed in the course exercises. Instead of writing low-level Octave code, as required by the course, the solutions presented here demonstrate how to use scikit-learn to solve these exercises on a much higher level. It is a level that is closer to that of real-world machine learning projects. This project respects the Coursera Honor Code as the presented solutions can't be used to derive the lower-level Octave code that must be written to complete the assignments.

I developed these solutions while learning Python and its scientific programming libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, pandas and matplotlib in a machine learning context. The solutions are provided as Jupyter notebooks. Developers new to scikit-learn hopefully find them useful to see how the machine learning topics covered in the course relate to the scikit-learn API. In their current state, the notebooks neither explain machine learning basics nor introduce the used libraries. For learning machine learning basics I highly recommend attending the course lectures. For an introduction to the used libraries the following tutorials are a good starting point:

Course exercises


Stanford Machine Learning course exercises implemented with scikit-learn




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