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EyeMMV toolbox (Eye Movements Metrics & Visualizations) is a MATLAB toolbox appropriate for post experimental eye movement analysis. 

EyeMMV toolbox consists of seven main functions (fixation_detection.m, metrics_analysis.m, visualizations.m, visualizations_stimulus.m, heatmap_generator.m, ROI_analysis.m, angle_to_tracker.m).

The folder demo_data consists of eye tracking demo data and fixations, a demo stimulus, file with demo ROIs and instructions (file "call_functions_with_demo_data.txt") which can help you to execute EyeMMV's functions.

The source code of EyeMMV toolbox is distributed under the 3rd version of GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation (GPLv3).
You can receive a copy of the GNU General Public License by the file LICENSE.txt. 

A full description of EyeMMV toolbox is cited in the paper below (please cite this paper as reference to EyeMMV toolbox):
Krassanakis, V., Filippakopoulou, V., & Nakos, B. (2014). EyeMMV toolbox: An eye movement post-analysis tool based on a two-step spatial dispersion threshold for fixation identification. Journal of Eye Movement Research, 7(1): 1, 1-10.
(you can download the paper from this link:

For further information, please email me: <> or <>



EyeMMV toolbox is a MATLAB toolbox appropriate for post experimental eye movement analysis




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