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Gloss sentences. Find Kanji. Read graded Japanese articles.
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Japanese Readifier

Gloss sentences. Find Kanji. Read graded articles.

  • Gloss: Break down sentences into definitions, and find definitions of individual words with regex support. All definitions are displayed, providing you with the control to find the best definitions suited for the context.
  • Kanji: Find kanji and readings by radical components and similarity.
  • Anki Support: Definitions and Kanji can be saved to text files, and imported into another program like Anki SRS.
  • Articles: Find articles that you can read, from almost any website that you want. Articles will be graded and sorted by the words you know, imported from a text file (eg. from Anki SRS). Export results, and you can read from your phone.
  • Free: Japanese Readifier is completely free and open source.

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Feature Requests

If you would like a new feature, please donate what you think the feature is worth.

Feature requests will be prioritized by feasibility, helpfulness, and donation status.

However, donations do not guarantee the development or implementation of feature requests.


Research, design, programming, and testing takes time.

Please consider donating. Thank you.

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