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The CombatantDetail component, responsible for rendering data about an
already loaded combatant.
Rendered by the Combatant component.
import { Component, Input } from '@angular/core';
selector: 'combatantdetail',
template: `
<a href="{{}}" target="_blank">{{}}</a> has {{data.repos.stars}} stars across
{{data.repos.repos}} repos.
<span *ngIf="">
The most popular repo is <a href="{{}}/{{}}" target="_blank">
{{}}</a> with {{data.repos.mostStarred.stargazers_count}} stars.
<div *ngIf="data.repos.repos">
<p>Here's a language breakdown:</p>
<tr *ngFor="let lang of languageKeys">
export class CombatantDetailComponent {
@Input() data
get languageKeys(){
let count =;
return Object.keys(count).sort((l1,l2)=> count[l1] > count[l2] ? -1 : 1 );
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