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Latest commit cefc250 Feb 20, 2018
Sashan and greghudson Fix memory leak in KDC PKINIT code
Commit e5c77a1 introduced a memory
leak of the client public key in server_process_dh().  Free
client_pubkey on success as well as failure.

ticket: 8644 (new)
target_version: 1.16-next
target_version: 1.15-next
tags: pullup
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appl Fix AIX build issues Sep 11, 2017
build-tools Fix directory changes to use explicit subshells Sep 6, 2016
ccapi Replace references to OS X Apr 20, 2017
clients Limit ticket lifetime to 2^31-1 seconds Sep 8, 2017
config-files Use single-colon rules in makefiles Jul 28, 2016
config Update config.guess, config.sub Dec 5, 2017
doc Fix directory changes to use explicit subshells Sep 6, 2016
include Make public headers work with gcc -Wundef Feb 14, 2018
kadmin make depend, man, update-po Sep 25, 2017
kdc Set klog com_err context for each KDC request Jan 16, 2018
lib Fix grouping of GGF extensions in gssapi_ext.h Feb 15, 2018
man make depend, man, update-po Sep 25, 2017
plugins Fix memory leak in KDC PKINIT code Feb 24, 2018
po Fix a few German translation prepositions Jan 24, 2018
prototype Update copyright years to 2018 Jan 8, 2018
slave Add --pid-file option to kpropd Sep 22, 2017
tests Fix flaws in LDAP DN checking Feb 13, 2018
util Add k5_buf_add_vfmt to k5buf interface Jan 16, 2018
windows Fix Leash AddDisplayItem() declaration Feb 7, 2018
Makefile.in Add KDC policy pluggable interface Aug 18, 2017
aclocal.m4 Allow WARN_CFLAGS override for Solaris Jul 24, 2017
configure.in Add KDC policy pluggable interface Aug 18, 2017
deps move generated dependencies out of Makefile.in Jan 5, 2009
patchlevel.h Updates for krb5-1.17-prelease Oct 4, 2017
wconfig.c Adjust most C source files to match the new standards for copyright Mar 9, 2011