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Minikrebs: A Customized OpenWRT image generator

Original Documentation:


If you want to know more about the project and how to use it, go to irc:// to #krebs or contact @makefoo on twitter.

Example Usage

Build instacam webcam server

# grab repository
git clone && cd minikrebs
# get everything ready for instacam
# this may need some time run initially
./prepare instacam 
# PLATFORM=TLMR3020 ./prepare instacam # for a MR3020 based image

# build the image
# flash the device, either copy the sysupgrade image (from output before)
# to the device or use the upgrade script (ssh must be available)
./upgrade <ip-of-device>

Build image that contains a webradio client

Build A webradio client based on probonopd@github's code

# If you want to build for a device other than the TP-LINK TL-WR703N, do:
export PLATFORM=DIR505A1 # for D-Link DIR-505
# Get ready
./prepare radio
# Build the firmware image
# Flash to the device - this asks for the root password of the device twice, then reboots
# Note: OpenWRT must already be running on the device
./upgrade # replace with the IP address of the device

The device will get an IP address via DHCP on wired Ethernet, and default password is "minikrebs".

Setting up WLAN client mode

  • Wifi: Scan, Join Network, Create / Assign firewall-zone: select lan (green)! (this is no longer needed since the firewall packet is no longer installed), Submit, Save and apply
  • Interfaces -> WWAN -> Advanced settings -> Override MAC address: Has the WRONG IP, so set IP+1, Save and apply
  • Interfaces: Both LAN and WWAN should be green now and both should have an IP address
  • HTML interface should be reachable on both addresses

If you have totally mis-configured the network and can't get in anymore, use "OpenWRT Failsafe" (using an Ethernet cable and the reset button)

Setting up radio stations and remote control codes


All code written around the original OpenWRT Image generator (traits,libs,gluecode) is licensed under the WTFPL, see COPYING

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