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.graveyard Revert "boot? who would need that anyway?"
K_belwagen nixify Kübelwagen (without UTF-8 :/)
Reaktor Reaktor: fix issue with tell_on-privmsg, bump version
assets //Cancer -> //
boot Revert "boot? who would need that anyway?"
bridge //Cancer -> //
cholerab thesauron: add Protip, Spoiler, and Walkthrough
elchos elchos is now a Reaktor submodule
ext soapi: use python2
git/gitolite-hooks irc-announce: wait for PART message before QUIT
go unfix all the docker tests, sorry :(
god relaxxapi: fix broken code
gold RIP mtgox
infest remove pubkeys in infest (we have brain for that)
news remove broken feed
recon/inspector_wifi move belkin plugin to correct dir
retiolum update tinc_graphs with new dependencies
services moar authorized_keys removed (how many are there?)
sites mediengewitter: saved from code rot
timemachine timemachine: add vimeo_random
util google-utils: add language reference
web @ 1e19401 add webhoster ( into repo
webchat //Cancer -> //
.gitignore go: initial commit (the real one)
.gitmodules legacy stuff noone wants
.travis.yml edit travis-ci configuration
COPYING COPYING: import the WTFPL version 2
Makefile move top-level Makefile back^_^
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