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# Asset tools for krebs

## Prereqs
Check out the current krebs-asset repo into //db

  git checkout root@db-host:/krebs.db.git db

in //db/ is an append-only file known as 'truth'. it contains the assets and the history of these. 
Every commit is atomic, every line needs to be committed after being produced.

## Usage
### ass
bin/ass has the power to add entries to the //db/truth file in the correct manner. It has two modes, create mode and set mode.
Create mode produces new keys in the database, these database entries are unique.
Set mode can set attributes to an entry in the database

  ass create bob
  ass set bob type 
  ass create bob-pc
  ass set bob-pc owner bob
  ass set bob-pc location bob\'s-home

### asq
asq is a tool to query the truth for facts. This is currently only a placeholder

### FAST
fast is a wrapper around the core ass. It should be used for adding lots and lots of new entries to the truth. It evaluates Variables from your environment.

  export ASS_LOCATION=bob\'s-home
  export ASS_OWNER=bob
  fast c logitech-sidewinder-gamepad
  fast c arduino-uno
  fast s amount 3

fast will then actually generate the following:
  ass create logitech-sidewinder-gamepad
  ass set logitech-sidewinder-gamepad owner bob
  ass set logitech-sidewinder-gamepad location bob\'s-home
  ass create arduino-uno
  ass set arduino-uno owner bob
  ass set arduino-uno location bob\'s-home
  ass set arduino-uno amount 3
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