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JAS: Java Algebra System

Version 2.6, 2018

by Heinz Kredel, University of Mannheim, kredel at

Copyright (c) 2000-2018 by Heinz Kredel.

Programms released under GPL or LGPL, see COPYING.jas or COPYING.lgpl.jas.

Web home-page:


A Java JDK 1.8.

Documentation see index.html.

Required libraries are log4j-core-2.5.jar, log4j-api-2.5.jar, log4j-1.2-api-2.5.jar 
(from Apache Log4j2, or mylog.jar, droidlog.jar) 
and junit-4.12.jar, hamcrest-core-1.3.jar (from Junit for tests in trc) 


> java  -cp {other_jar_files}:jas-<version>-bin.jar:. <sample class>

for example
> java -cp ../lib/log4j-core-2.5.jar:../lib/log4j-api-2.5.jar:../lib/log4j-1.2-api-2.5.jar:jas-2.6.5428-bin.jar edu.jas.application.RunGB seq examples/trinks7.jas


> jruby examples/<some input file>.rb


> jas examples/<some input file>.rb 

for example
> ./jas examples/all_rings.rb


> jython examples/<some input file>.py 


> jas -py examples/<some input file>.py

The shell script "jas" figures out the Java, jruby, jython and JAS 
environment and runs the respective scripting interpreter. See 
>  man -l doc/jas.1
for more information. 

Compilation of your own Java files using the JAS library can be done 
with the "javac" command.

> javac -cp {other_jar_files}:jas-<version>-bin.jar:. <your sample code>

Versions and jar files

JAS is distributed in 3 jar files:

jas-<version>-bin.jar:    the Java class files 
jas-<version>    the java source code
jas-<version>    the Java doc, epydoc, jrdoc and more info files

optional jar files which require further installed packages:

jas-meditor.jar:          the interface to meditor
jas-jython.jar:           an interface for Java scripting
jas-mpj.jar:              MPI Java depending code
mylog.jar:                a substitute for log4j to use Java logging
droidlog.jar:             a substitute for log4j to use Android logging
jlinalg_adapter.jar:      an adaptor to parts of JLinAlg
commons-math_adapter.jar: an adaptor to parts of Apache commons.math

pre packaged JAS versions:

jas-java_<version>-all.deb  a Debian (wheezy) package usable in MathLibre
ruboto-irb-jas-release.apk  an Android App based on Ruboto

There are GIT repositories for the scource code, which can be cloned with

> git clone jas
> git clone jas

There is a Maven compatible repository for bytecode, source and javadocs at

groupId: edu.jas, artifactId: jas, version (for example): 2.6.5675

The version is specified by a two digit major.minor number
and a subversion revision number. For example in


"2.5"  is the JAS version number and
"5380" is the subversion revision number

The jas-*-bin.jar and jas-*-doc.jar can be generated from jas-*-src.jar.
The fastest way to get a complete JAS install, is 

> jar -xf jas-<version>
> cd <JAS version number>
> jar -xf jas-<version>-bin.jar
> jar -xf jas-<version>

If you have a working Ant with Ivy, the last two steps can be replaced by

> ant resolve
> ant compile
> ant doc

provided you have setup build.xml, ivy.xml for the required libraries.

Directory structure

.          main directory, entry to html documentation
+doc       html documentation, javadocs, jython docs, jruby docs
+edu       Java class files
+examples  examples for jython, jruby and jas
+images    images for html docs
+jython    JSR 233 scripting interface
+meditor   JSR 233 scripting interface for meditor
+mpj       MPI Java versions of distributed Groebner bases
+mpi       OpenMPI Java versions of distributed Groebner bases
+jlinalg_adaper some adapter classes to JLinAlg
+commons-math_adaper some adapter classes to Apache Commons Math3
+src       source code
+test      junit test output and log4j output
+trc       junit test sources

../lib     directory for required libraries, not included