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Vanilla Music Player for Android (abandoned). Visit for an actively developed fork
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Latest commit 496d284 May 16, 2012 @kreed Defer release of the wake lock
This allows the headset button to fuction for a short period after


You can help translate here. If your language isn't on the list, open an issue and I can add it.


To build you will need:

  • A Java compiler compatible with Java 1.6
  • The Android SDK with platform 15 (Android 4.0.3) installed

Building from command-line

  • android update project --path . to generate
  • ant debug to build the APK at bin/VanillaMusic-debug.apk
  • Optional: ant installd to install the APK to a connected device

Building from Eclipse

You can also build from Eclipse. Create a new Android Project, choosing "Create project from exisiting source", then set the compiler compliance level to 1.6 in project settings.


Javadocs can be generated using ant doc

Ohloh project page

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