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An index-title-scrubber-bar, for use with a UICollectionView or as a replacement for the one provided by a UITableView. Gives a collection/table view the index title bar for -sectionIndexTitles that a UITableView gets for (almost) free. A huge thank you to @Yang from this Stack Overflow post, which saved my bacon here.



To install it via CocoaPods, just drop this line in your Podfile:

pod 'BDKCollectionIndexView'

And then run pod install, naturally. After that, create an instance of BDKCollectionIndexView, and add it as a subview of whatever view contains your tableView or collectionView (but not the tableView or collectionView itself). Then assign it a width value of 28 (or height, if you're using it as a horizontal index view). Attach whatever other layout constraints you see fit!

override func viewDidLoad() {

    let indexWidth = 28
    let frame = CGRect(x: collectionView.frame.size.width - indexWidth,
        y: collectionView.frame.size.height,
        width: indexWidth,
        height: collectionView.frame.size.height)
    var indexView = BDKCollectionIndexView(frame: frame, indexTitles: nil)
    indexView.autoresizingMask = .FlexibleHeight | .FlexibleLeftMargin
    indexView.addTarget(self, action: "indexViewValueChanged:", forControlEvents: .ValueChanged)

func indexViewValueChanged(sender: BDKCollectionIndexView) {
    let path = NSIndexPath(forItem: 0, inSection: sender.currentIndex)
    collectionView.scrollToItemAtIndexPath(path, atScrollPosition: .Top, animated: false)
    // If you're using a collection view, bump the y-offset by a certain number of points
    // because it won't otherwise account for any section headers you may have.
    collectionView.contentOffset = CGPoint(x: collectionView.contentOffset.x,
        y: collectionView.contentOffset.y - 45.0)

Then, when you have the section index titles (rather, the label values that you want to appear on the index bar), assign that array to the index bar instance's indexTitles value.

self.indexView.indexTitles = self.resultsController.sectionIndexTitles

You can modify backgroundColor and touchStatusBackgroundColor property to change the background color of the "touch status view" that appears when the view is touched. Use tintColor of BDKCollectionIndexView instance to change the color of text labels.

Again, big thanks to @Yang for the solution on which this is based.


If you use this in your project, drop me a line and let me know! I'd love to hear about it. You can hit me up via email, on Twitter, or carrier pigeon.




Gives a UICollectionView the sectionIndexTitles scrub bar that a UITableView gets for almost free.




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