An animated UIView for displaying a temporary "bezel" notification, mid-screen.
Objective-C Ruby
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Displays a translucent-ish modal over with an image and a label; largely customizable, yet simple.


// Create the HUD object; view can be a UIImageView, an icon... you name it
BDKNotifyHUD *hud = [BDKNotifyHUD notifyHUDWithView:[UIView someCustomView]
                                               text:@"This is a checkmark!"]; = CGPointMake(, - 20);

// Animate it, then get rid of it. These settings last 1 second, takes a half-second fade.
[self.view addSubview:hud];
[hud presentWithDuration:1.0f speed:0.5f inView:self.view completion:^{
    [hud removeFromSuperview];

For more usage, checkout the sample project included in this repo.


I'd love your contributions! Send me your fixes in pull requests, and if they check out okay, I'll merge them.