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A simple ORM for Node.js.
Currently only supports mysql-libmysqlclient:
Here is some example usage using the test database present in tests/fixtures/db_schema.sql:
var rdx = require('rdx')
var cfg = { adapter: 'mysql-libmysqlclient',
host: "localhost",
database: "test",
var cp = new rdx.ConnectionPool(cfg);
var User = new rdx.Model(cp, 'users');
var Collection = new rdx.Model(cp, 'collections');
var Item = new rdx.Model(cp, 'items');
User.toMany('collections', Collection, Collection.fields["user_id"]);
Collection.belongsTo('user', Collection.fields["user_id"], User);
Collection.toMany('items', Item, Item.fields['collection_id']);
Item.belongsTo('collections',Item.fields["collection_id"], Collection);
u = User.create({email: "a@b", user_type: 0}, false)
u = User.find("1", false)
u = User.where('id = 1').findOne(false);
User.find("1", function(err, res) { console.log(res); });
u.collections.where("name like '%book'").all(function(err, res) { console.log(res); })
Here is how you can install RDX:
npm install rdx
Contributions to this project are most welcome, so feel free to fork, improve and submit pull requests.
The test suite requires nodeunit and can be run using the command
node test.js
* Add tests for object creation, updation, deletion, etc.
* Better error handling
* SQL escaping, improve where clause