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Welcome to the Github Powered Kreezcraft Wiki!

Why? Because no matter what I do to lock down the wikimedia wiki, many people bypass all the security and deface it.

What links here? The following for starters.

Turtle Scripts by Kreezxil

  • Dump - Program that dumps all of the contents of the turtle in a given direction or all of the contents of a specific slot in a specific direction. Great for tossing things into the void or lava.

  • Stairs - Build stairs up or down. This script will pause for more materials when it runs out so that there is no technical build height or depth limit. It will also pause and request more fuel when it runs out.

  • Place - Make your turtle place an item from one of its slot in front of, above or below it.

  • Platform II - This program will build a platform out of any materials with the dimensions of and . The turtle starts at the lower left of your specified area and works to the right

  • Do - Ever wanted to run more than one program at a time without having to write a custom program with multiple calls? Then this program is for you! It lets you issue a whole slew of commands via CLI (Command Line Interface) and get the job done all without writing a traditional program…. This is a CLI batcher.

  • Flip - Often we want our turtles to turn around and face the other way, ie pull a 180.

  • Suck - Tell your turtle to suck items in front of, on top of or below it.

  • Back - Tell your turtle to go back once or a number of times. usage: b [x]

  • GoTo - I made this program in response to the LUA CODE GOLF challenge at The purpose of the program is to allow a turtle to go to a Cartesian coordinate such as x,y,z for instance. If it doesn’t haven enough fuel it’ll request…

  • Dig - Allow your turtle to dig in a direction any number of spaces. Useful for spot mining. The turtle will capture whatever it digs if it can.

  • Fence Builder - Ever wanted to build a fence? Didn’t want to do it yourself? Maybe you only wanted to make a large rectangular path in the air? Either way this program will do it for you. The program can also remove fences.

Also on Normal Computer

  • Preload - Preload into your turtle all of the following programs, from market: stairs, platform, fenceBuilder, place, dump, suck, dig, do, flip, d, f, l, r, u, b, masscopy, taco, quarry_setup, bore from pastebin: apartments, bHouse, buildMobFarm, quarry,… (see code for all chosen programs)

  • Advanced Chat Box - Have you ever wanted to capture the chat on your server in a computer and then be able to scroll through the history at will? Well now you can with my Advanced Chat Box program. Simply install it and tell it what side the chatbox is on and how many lines of history you want to keep.

  • Mass Copy - Copy everything from one directory to another. Great for preloading turtles

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