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A harmony analysis library for lilypond [ following the idea of the package 'harmony' for LaTeX and MusixTex ]
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A library for inserting Functional Harmony Analysis Symbols into musical scores encoded in and created by LilyPond. reference cadence


  • Checkout the repository
  • copy the file into any directory from which you want to include it
  • Insert include "YOURPATH/" into your LilyPond file

License: is distributed under the terms of the MIT license or under the terms of the GPLv3 license. As long as is distributed under both licenses, the recipient has the right to chose the license under which he wants to use the work.

For details see the file LICENSING.


The package contains 6 examples by which the user can learn how to use the library Like all other LilyPond files, each example can be compiled by the command line order make example.pdf respectively make example.png:

  • :- a good starting point scoreresult
  • :- analyses of the general reference cadence
  • :- the re-implementation of a former example scoreresult
  • :- an example explaining how to represent modulations

Usage: offers some information:

  1. '5 minutes turorial' (German)
  2. '5 minutes turorial' (English)
  3. Complete Tutorial (English)
  4. Project Page (German)
  5. Project Page (English)

Coming Features:

  • The deeply embedded core function should be redesigned to use the overlay technique. This will be implemented as soon as LilyPond 2.19 or 2.20 is officially released and integrated into the standard Linux distributions.
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