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Project Purple
Matthias Kretschmann
2012-08-07 13:15:44 +0000

It has been revealed the original iPhone was developed in a locked down building under the name "Project Purple". Because of the secrecy involved, the team decorated the building with Fight Club references. If you don't think this demands a wallpaper, you're weird.

Forstall said that "on the front door of the Purple Dorm we put a sign up that said 'Fight Club'... because the first rule of that project was to not talk about it outside those doors."

project purple

The full size I designed the wallpaper in is 3200x2048px. I don't know why Apple uses 3200px as width for the default wallpapers in Mountain Lion but it seems a good width for now. And a height of 2048px makes this big size perfectly usable for the iPad 3 too.



Download the whole package with all the sizes included or grab the individual ones from the list, all linked to the image files:

Download zip


Creative Commons LicenseProject Purple by Matthias Kretschmann is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Germany License.