Better design for your Apache folder listings
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A lightweight* update for the look of your Apache directory listings (as generated by mod_autoindex).

Examples: and


  • Adds a breadcrumb based on the path segments
  • Renders Readme files found in the current folder into a box at the beginning of the page
  • Default style based on Twitter Bootstrap (other styles coming soon)
  • Makes it easy to use your own CSS (or icons)


  1. Apache with mod_autoindex installed
  2. PHP > 5.2 (< 5 is should work, but who would recommend anything below 5.2?)
  3. Support for .htaccess including allow_override

Simple Installation

  1. Upload the swtndx folder to the folder you want to make public (Attention: it contains a .htaccess file which might be invisble depending on your and the servers OS)
  2. Also upload the _.htaccess and rename it to .htaccess (If you already have an .htaccess in your folder, please append the contents of _.htaccess to yours)
  3. Optional, but recommened upload the robots.txt to lock out search engine spiders
  4. Done.

If it doesn't work check everything (the file that was named 1_.htaccess might contain more information for you).

If it still doesn't work get mad, throw things around. Then sit down and try again. Read the Apache docs:

Don't give up!

Advanced Instalation

If you consider yourself ready for the advanced installation, you should know what to do, but here are some tipps anyway.

  • Upload the swtndx folder to any location on your server and use symlinks to add it to the folders you want to make public - Makes it easy to update.
  • Don't upload. Use git and clone the repository, then use symlinks. Makes it even easier to update.
  • Don't forget to check if your Apache has follow-symlinks enabled. If it doesn't, you can uncomment a line in the .htaccess that came with swtndx, it might be able to enable it for you.

Version History

  • v1.0 (20120104) re-release under new name, updated pretty much everything
  • v0.5 Intermezzo, rewrote most of it
  • v0.3 (20100201) bugfix: weird php error
  • v0.2 (20100201) bugfixes: favicon, colours, copyright, robots.txt
  • v0.1 (20100130) initial release


This is provided 'as is' and I'm not responsible for anything you do with it. Thanks.

swtndx is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license


This script uses the Chalkwork icons set made by Dave Shea and available at and are licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0


The default style uses

Thanks for reading. Florian Pichler,