SendGrid Advanced Suppression Manager (ASM) Java Client
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SendGrid Advanced Suppression Manager (ASM) Java Client

Manages global and group based e-mail suppressions using the SendGrid Advanced Suppression Manager. This library does not send e-mail.

#This project has been deprecated. The SendGrid Java Client version 3.x.x now supports ASM out of the box.

This library uses the older SendGrid v2 Web API and was a stop-gap until the ASM features were supported in the standard Java client. The project will be maintained as needed. I expect the SendGrid v2 Web API to be turned off at some point, so you are encouraged to upgrade.


Jackson for JSON parsing

Apache HttpClient

Apache Fluent HttpClient




dependencies {
    compile "com.github.krenfro:sendgrid-asm-java:0.0.4"
    compile "org.apache.httpcomponents:httpclient:4.3.6"
    compile "org.apache.httpcomponents:fluent-hc:4.3.6"
    compile "com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-databind:2.4.0"


Classes can be loaded using either an API Key, or your username and password.


SuppressionManager suppressionMgr = new SuppressionManager("apiKey"); // or:
//SuppressionManager suppressionMgr = new SuppressionManager("username", "password");

//get Suppression for a particular group and user
Suppression suppression = suppressionMgr.retrieve(42, "email");

//if you already have a Group, you can use that instead
suppression = suppressionMgr.retrieve(group, "email");

if (suppression.isSuppressed()){

//add suppressions
suppressionMgr.add(group, "email");
suppressionMgr.add(group, "email", "email2", "email3");

//remove a suppression
suppressionMgr.remove(group, "email");
suppressionMgr.remove(group, "email", "email2", "email3");

//get list of all Suppressions, one for each suppression group
List<Suppression> suppressions = suppressionMgr.retrieve("email");

//selectively save all of them"email", suppressions);

//get list of all e-mails suppressed in a group
List<String> emails = suppressionMgr.retrieve(group);


GroupManager groupMgr = new GroupManager("apiKey"); // or:
//GroupManager groupMgr = new GroupManager("username", "password");

//retrieve all groups
List<Group> groups = groupMgr.retrieve();

//add a new group
Group group = groupMgr.add("group name", "group description");

//retrieve by id
group = groupMgr.retrieve(42);

//remove groups

##Global Suppressions

GlobalSuppressionManager globalMgr = new GlobalSuppressionManager("apiKey"); // or:
//GlobalSuppressionManager globalMgr = new GlobalSuppressionManager("username", "password");

if (globalMgr.has("email")){
	//do something


//you can add and remove multiple
globalMgr.add("email", "email2", "email3");
globalMgr.remove("email", "email2", "email3");


Integration tests run against an actual SendGrid account with either form of credentials:

mvn -Dsendgrid-username=ABC -Dsendgrid-password=XXXXX clean test
mvn -Dsendgrid-apikey=XXXXX clean test