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Pencil 0.4.3b - Source Code - July 1st, 2007

Source code has been unified for Mac, Windows and Linux.
Now available on sourceforge SVN repository.
Lots of improvements, and lots of things to do still (see TODO)
See notes for Mac and Windows.



Pencil 0.4b - Source Code - January 4th, 2007

Added many things, notably vector graphics.
There is still a bug which prevents the Windows release version to work well with optimization flags.
So for the moment, one should compile in debug mode or change the optimization flags in the release makefile.



Pencil 0.2b - Source Code

This source code is optimized for compiling on Mac OSX.
This means that the movie export functions refer to a local application called assembler2 (also included source).
The Windows version replaces the movie export function to use a different application, quite easy really, so it's not included.

The source code is very, hum, quick and dirty.
I'm not a programmer at all and it's quite a miracle I was able to piece the software together.
If you actually improve something, I'd like you to let me know.

To compile on Linux, remove the Mac OSX headers (you'll find them), and re-implement the movie export with mencoder or ffmpeg.

All the best,
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