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Ming, an SWF output library
Copyright (C) 2001 Opaque Industries -
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
Lesser General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
/* ming.h
* $Id:,v 1.1 2005/12/06 14:32:28 strk Exp $
* This header file contains all declarations of functions and types that
* are supposed to be publicly accessable.
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include <stdio.h>
#define MING_VERSION 0.3.0
#define MING_VERSION_TEXT "0.3.0"
/* do we enable gif / png functions? */
#include "ming_config.h"
/***** Type definitions - avoid cyclic dependencies ****/
typedef unsigned char byte;
typedef struct SWFBlock_s *SWFBlock;
typedef struct SWFMatrix_s *SWFMatrix;
typedef struct SWFInput_s *SWFInput;
typedef struct SWFCharacter_s *SWFCharacter;
typedef struct SWFDBLBitmap_s *SWFDBLBitmap;
typedef struct SWFDBLBitmapData_s *SWFDBLBitmapData;
typedef struct SWFJpegBitmap_s *SWFJpegBitmap;
typedef struct SWFJpegWithAlpha_s *SWFJpegWithAlpha;
typedef struct SWFGradient_s *SWFGradient;
typedef struct SWFFillStyle_s *SWFFillStyle;
typedef struct SWFLineStyle_s *SWFLineStyle;
typedef struct SWFShape_s *SWFShape;
typedef struct SWFMorph_s *SWFMorph;
typedef struct SWFFont_s *SWFFont;
typedef struct SWFText_s *SWFText;
typedef struct SWFBrowserFont_s *SWFBrowserFont;
typedef struct SWFFontCharacter_s *SWFFontCharacter;
typedef struct SWFTextField_s *SWFTextField;
typedef struct SWFSoundStream_s *SWFSoundStream;
typedef struct SWFSound_s *SWFSound;
typedef struct SWFSoundInstance_s *SWFSoundInstance;
typedef struct SWFCXform_s *SWFCXform;
typedef struct SWFOutputBlock_s *SWFAction;
typedef struct SWFButton_s *SWFButton;
typedef struct SWFSprite_s *SWFSprite;
typedef struct SWFPosition_s *SWFPosition;
typedef struct SWFDisplayItem_s *SWFDisplayItem;
typedef struct SWFFill_s *SWFFill;
typedef struct SWFMovieClip_s *SWFMovieClip;
typedef struct SWFMovie_s *SWFMovie;
typedef struct SWFVideoStream_s *SWFVideoStream;
typedef struct SWFPrebuiltClip_s *SWFPrebuiltClip;
/***** General Ming functions *****/
int Ming_init();
void Ming_cleanup();
void Ming_collectGarbage();
/* sets the threshold error for drawing cubic beziers. Lower is more
accurate, hence larger file size. */
void Ming_setCubicThreshold(int num);
/* sets the overall scale, default is 20 */
void Ming_setScale(float scale);
float Ming_getScale();
/* set the version number to use */
void Ming_useSWFVersion(int version);
* Set output compression level.
* Return previous value.
int Ming_setSWFCompression(int level);
/* change the error/warn behavior. Default prints message and exits. */
void Ming_setWarnFunction(void (*warn)(const char *msg, ...));
void Ming_setErrorFunction(void (*error)(const char *msg, ...));
/* a generic output method. specific instances dump output to file,
send to stdout, etc. */
typedef void (*SWFByteOutputMethod)(byte b, void *data);
//void fileOutputMethod(byte b, void *data);
/***** SWFBlock *****/
/***** SWFMatrix *****/
/***** SWFInput *****/
/* A generic input object. Wraps files, buffers and streams; replaces
standard file funcs */
SWFInput newSWFInput_file(FILE *f);
SWFInput newSWFInput_stream(FILE *f);
SWFInput newSWFInput_buffer(unsigned char *buffer, int length);
SWFInput newSWFInput_allocedBuffer(unsigned char *buffer, int length);
void destroySWFInput(SWFInput input);
int SWFInput_length(SWFInput input);
void SWFInput_rewind(SWFInput input);
int SWFInput_tell(SWFInput input);
void SWFInput_seek(SWFInput input, long offset, int whence);
int SWFInput_eof(SWFInput input);
/***** SWFCharacter *****/
/* a character is any sort of asset that's referenced later-
SWFBitmap, SWFShape, SWFMorph, SWFSound, SWFSprite are all SWFCharacters */
float SWFCharacter_getWidth(SWFCharacter character);
float SWFCharacter_getHeight(SWFCharacter character);
/***** SWFBitmap *****/
typedef SWFCharacter SWFBitmap;
SWFBitmap newSWFBitmap_fromInput(SWFInput input);
void destroySWFBitmap(SWFBitmap bitmap);
int SWFBitmap_getWidth(SWFBitmap b);
int SWFBitmap_getHeight(SWFBitmap b);
/***** SWFDBLBitmap extends SWFBitmap *****/
/* create a new DBL (define bits lossless) bitmap from the given file */
SWFDBLBitmap newSWFDBLBitmap(FILE *f);
/* create a new DBL bitmap from the given input object */
SWFDBLBitmap newSWFDBLBitmap_fromInput(SWFInput input);
SWFDBLBitmapData newSWFDBLBitmapData_fromGifFile(const char *name);
SWFDBLBitmapData newSWFDBLBitmapData_fromGifInput(SWFInput input);
SWFDBLBitmapData newSWFDBLBitmapData_fromPngFile(const char *name);
SWFDBLBitmapData newSWFDBLBitmapData_fromPngInput(SWFInput input);
/***** SWFJpegBitmap extends SWFBitmap *****/
SWFJpegBitmap newSWFJpegBitmap(FILE *f);
SWFJpegBitmap newSWFJpegBitmap_fromInput(SWFInput input);
SWFJpegWithAlpha newSWFJpegWithAlpha(FILE *f, FILE *alpha);
SWFJpegWithAlpha newSWFJpegWithAlpha_fromInput(SWFInput input, SWFInput alpha);
/***** SWFGradient *****/
SWFGradient newSWFGradient();
void destroySWFGradient(SWFGradient gradient);
void SWFGradient_addEntry(SWFGradient gradient,
float ratio, byte r, byte g, byte b, byte a);
/***** SWFFillStyle - a fill instance on a shape *****/
#define SWFFILL_SOLID 0x00
#define SWFFILL_BITMAP 0x40
SWFFillStyle newSWFSolidFillStyle(byte r, byte g, byte b, byte a);
SWFFillStyle newSWFGradientFillStyle(SWFGradient gradient, byte radial);
SWFFillStyle newSWFBitmapFillStyle(SWFCharacter bitmap, byte flags);
SWFMatrix SWFFillStyle_getMatrix(SWFFillStyle fill);
/***** SWFLineStyle *****/
SWFLineStyle newSWFLineStyle(unsigned short width, byte r, byte g, byte b, byte a);
/***** SWFShape *****/
SWFShape newSWFShape();
* returns a shape containing the bitmap in a filled rect
SWFShape newSWFShapeFromBitmap(SWFBitmap bitmap, int flag);
void destroySWFShape(SWFShape shape);
void SWFShape_end(SWFShape shape);
void SWFShape_movePenTo(SWFShape shape, float x, float y);
void SWFShape_movePen(SWFShape shape, float x, float y);
float SWFShape_getPenX(SWFShape shape);
float SWFShape_getPenY(SWFShape shape);
void SWFShape_getPen(SWFShape shape, float* penX, float* penY);
/* x,y relative to shape origin */
void SWFShape_drawLineTo(SWFShape shape, float x, float y);
void SWFShape_drawLine(SWFShape shape, float dx, float dy);
void SWFShape_drawCurveTo(SWFShape shape, float controlx, float controly,
float anchorx, float anchory);
void SWFShape_drawCurve(SWFShape shape, float controldx, float controldy,
float anchordx, float anchordy);
void SWFShape_setLineStyle(SWFShape shape, unsigned short width,
byte r, byte g, byte b, byte a);
void SWFShape_hideLine(SWFShape shape);
SWFFillStyle SWFShape_addSolidFillStyle(SWFShape shape,
byte r, byte g, byte b, byte a);
SWFFillStyle SWFShape_addGradientFillStyle(SWFShape shape,
SWFGradient gradient, byte flags);
SWFFillStyle SWFShape_addBitmapFillStyle(SWFShape shape,
SWFBitmap bitmap, byte flags);
void SWFShape_setLeftFillStyle(SWFShape shape, SWFFillStyle fill);
void SWFShape_setRightFillStyle(SWFShape shape, SWFFillStyle fill);
/***** SWFMorph *****/
SWFMorph newSWFMorphShape();
void destroySWFMorph(SWFMorph morph);
SWFShape SWFMorph_getShape1(SWFMorph morph);
SWFShape SWFMorph_getShape2(SWFMorph morph);
/***** SWFFont *****/
SWFFont newSWFFont();
SWFFont loadSWFFontFromFile(FILE *file);
void destroySWFFont(SWFFont font);
float SWFFont_getStringWidth(SWFFont font, const unsigned char *string);
float SWFFont_getUTF8StringWidth(SWFFont font, const unsigned char *string);
/* deprecated? */
float SWFFont_getWideStringWidth(SWFFont font, const unsigned short *string, int len);
#define SWFFont_getWidth SWFFont_getStringWidth
float SWFFont_getAscent(SWFFont font);
float SWFFont_getDescent(SWFFont font);
float SWFFont_getLeading(SWFFont font);
char *SWFFont_getShape(SWFFont font, unsigned short code);
/***** SWFText *****/
SWFText newSWFText();
SWFText newSWFText2();
void destroySWFText(SWFText text);
void SWFText_setFont(SWFText text, void* font);
void SWFText_setHeight(SWFText text, float height);
void SWFText_setColor(SWFText text, byte r, byte g, byte b, byte a);
void SWFText_moveTo(SWFText text, float x, float y);
void SWFText_addString(SWFText text, const char* string, int* advance);
void SWFText_addUTF8String(SWFText text, const char* string, int* advance);
void SWFText_addWideString(SWFText text, const unsigned short* string,
int strlen, int* advance);
void SWFText_setSpacing(SWFText text, float spacing);
float SWFText_getStringWidth(SWFText text, const unsigned char* string);
float SWFText_getUTF8StringWidth(SWFText text, const unsigned char* string);
float SWFText_getWideStringWidth(SWFText text, const unsigned short* string);
/* deprecated? */
#define SWFText_getWidth SWFText_getStringWidth
float SWFText_getAscent(SWFText text);
float SWFText_getDescent(SWFText text);
float SWFText_getLeading(SWFText text);
/* deprecated: */
#define SWFText_setXY(t,x,y) SWFText_moveTo((t),(x),(y))
/***** SWFBrowserFont *****/
SWFBrowserFont newSWFBrowserFont(const char *name);
void destroySWFBrowserFont(SWFBrowserFont browserFont);
/***** SWFFontCharacter *****/
SWFFontCharacter SWFMovie_addFont(SWFMovie movie, SWFFont font);
void SWFFontCharacter_addChars(SWFFontCharacter font, const char *string);
void SWFFontCharacter_addUTF8Chars(SWFFontCharacter font, const char *string);
SWFFontCharacter SWFMovie_importFont(SWFMovie movie, const char *filename, const char *name);
/***** SWFTextField *****/
#define SWFTEXTFIELD_ONMASK 0x2005 /* on bits */
#define SWFTEXTFIELD_OFFMASK 0x3BFF /* off bits */
/* Taken from textfield.h: #define SWFTEXTFIELD_OFFMASK 0x7BFF / off bits */
#define SWFTEXTFIELD_HASFONT (1<<0) /* font and size given */
#define SWFTEXTFIELD_HASTEXT (1<<7) /* initial text present */
#define SWFTEXTFIELD_HTML (1<<9)
#define SWFTEXTFIELD_HASLAYOUT (1<<13) /* align, margin, lspace, indent */
#define SWFTEXTFIELD_AUTOSIZE (1<<14) /* SWF6 */
typedef enum
} SWFTextFieldAlignment;
SWFTextField newSWFTextField();
void destroySWFTextField(SWFTextField textField);
void SWFTextField_setFont(SWFTextField field, SWFBlock font);
void SWFTextField_setBounds(SWFTextField field, float width, float height);
void SWFTextField_setFlags(SWFTextField field, int flags);
void SWFTextField_setColor(SWFTextField field, byte r, byte g, byte b, byte a);
void SWFTextField_setVariableName(SWFTextField field, const char *name);
void SWFTextField_addString(SWFTextField field, const char *string);
void SWFTextField_addUTF8String(SWFTextField field, const char *string);
void SWFTextField_setHeight(SWFTextField field, float height);
void SWFTextField_setFieldHeight(SWFTextField field, float height);
void SWFTextField_setLeftMargin(SWFTextField field, float leftMargin);
void SWFTextField_setRightMargin(SWFTextField field, float rightMargin);
void SWFTextField_setIndentation(SWFTextField field, float indentation);
void SWFTextField_setLineSpacing(SWFTextField field, float lineSpacing);
void SWFTextField_setPadding(SWFTextField field, float padding);
void SWFTextField_addChars(SWFTextField field, const char *string);
/* deprecated? */
/*void SWFTextField_addUTF8Chars(SWFTextField field, const char *string);*/
void SWFTextField_setAlignment(SWFTextField field,
SWFTextFieldAlignment alignment);
void SWFTextField_setLength(SWFTextField field, int length);
/***** SWFSoundStream - only mp3 streaming implemented *****/
SWFSoundStream newSWFSoundStream(FILE *file);
/* added by David McNab <> */
SWFSoundStream newSWFSoundStreamFromFileno(int fd);
SWFSoundStream newSWFSoundStream_fromInput(SWFInput input);
int SWFSoundStream_getFrames(SWFSoundStream sound);
void destroySWFSoundStream(SWFSoundStream soundStream);
/***** SWFSound *****/
SWFSound newSWFSound(FILE *file, byte flags);
/* added by David McNab to facilitate Python access */
SWFSound newSWFSoundFromFileno(int fd, byte flags);
SWFSound newSWFSound_fromInput(SWFInput input, byte flags);
void destroySWFSound(SWFSound sound);
#define SWF_SOUND_RATE 0x0c
#define SWF_SOUND_5KHZ (0<<2)
#define SWF_SOUND_11KHZ (1<<2)
#define SWF_SOUND_22KHZ (2<<2)
#define SWF_SOUND_44KHZ (3<<2)
#define SWF_SOUND_BITS 0x02
#define SWF_SOUND_8BITS (0<<1)
#define SWF_SOUND_16BITS (1<<1)
#define SWF_SOUND_MONO (0<<0)
#define SWF_SOUND_STEREO (1<<0)
/***** SWFSoundInstance *****/
/* created from SWFMovie[Clip]_startSound,
lets you change the parameters of the sound event (loops, etc.) */
void SWFSoundInstance_setNoMultiple(SWFSoundInstance instance);
void SWFSoundInstance_setLoopInPoint(SWFSoundInstance instance, unsigned int point);
void SWFSoundInstance_setLoopOutPoint(SWFSoundInstance instance, unsigned int point);
void SWFSoundInstance_setLoopCount(SWFSoundInstance instance, int count);
void SWFSoundInstance_setNoMultiple(SWFSoundInstance instance);
/***** SWFCXform - Color transform *****/
/* create a new color transform with the given parameters */
SWFCXform newSWFCXform(int rAdd, int gAdd, int bAdd, int aAdd,
float rMult, float gMult, float bMult, float aMult);
/* create a new color transform with the given additive parameters and
default multiplicative */
SWFCXform newSWFAddCXform(int rAdd, int gAdd, int bAdd, int aAdd);
/* create a new color transform with the given multiplicative parameters
and default additive */
SWFCXform newSWFMultCXform(float rMult, float gMult, float bMult, float aMult);
void destroySWFCXform(SWFCXform cXform);
/* set the additive part of the color transform to the given parameters */
void SWFCXform_setColorAdd(SWFCXform cXform,
int rAdd, int gAdd, int bAdd, int aAdd);
/* set the multiplicative part of the color transform to the given
parameters */
void SWFCXform_setColorMult(SWFCXform cXform,
float rMult, float gMult, float bMult, float aMult);
/***** SWFAction *****/
SWFAction compileSWFActionCode(const char *script);
void destroySWFAction(SWFAction action);
/***** SWFButton *****/
#define SWFBUTTON_HIT (1<<3)
#define SWFBUTTON_DOWN (1<<2)
#define SWFBUTTON_OVER (1<<1)
#define SWFBUTTON_UP (1<<0)
/* deprecated: */
#define SWFBUTTON_KEYPRESS(c) (((c)&0x7f)<<9)
#define SWFBUTTON_ONKEYPRESS(c) (((c)&0x7f)<<9)
/* easier to remember: */
SWFButton newSWFButton();
void destroySWFButton(SWFButton button);
void SWFButton_addShape(SWFButton button, SWFCharacter character, byte flags);
void SWFButton_addAction(SWFButton button, SWFAction action, int flags);
SWFSoundInstance SWFButton_addSound(SWFButton button, SWFSound action, byte flags);
void SWFButton_setMenu(SWFButton button, int flag);
/****** SWFVideo ******/
SWFVideoStream newSWFVideoStream_fromFile(FILE *f);
SWFVideoStream newSWFVideoStream_fromInput(SWFInput input);
SWFVideoStream newSWFVideoStream(void);
void SWFVideoStream_setDimension(SWFVideoStream stream, int width, int height);
int SWFVideoStream_getNumFrames(SWFVideoStream stream);
/***** SWFSprite *****/
SWFSprite newSWFSprite();
void destroySWFSprite(SWFSprite sprite);
void SWFSprite_addBlock(SWFSprite sprite, SWFBlock block);
/***** SWFPosition *****/
struct _swfPosition
int x;
int y;
float xScale;
float yScale;
float xSkew;
float ySkew;
float rot;
SWFMatrix matrix;
#define SWF_POSITION_SIZE sizeof(struct _swfPosition)
SWFPosition newSWFPosition(SWFMatrix matrix);
void destroySWFPosition(SWFPosition position);
void SWFPosition_skewX(SWFPosition position, float x);
void SWFPosition_skewXTo(SWFPosition position, float x);
void SWFPosition_skewY(SWFPosition position, float y);
void SWFPosition_skewYTo(SWFPosition position, float y);
void SWFPosition_scaleX(SWFPosition position, float x);
void SWFPosition_scaleXTo(SWFPosition position, float x);
void SWFPosition_scaleY(SWFPosition position, float y);
void SWFPosition_scaleYTo(SWFPosition position, float y);
void SWFPosition_scaleXY(SWFPosition position, float x, float y);
void SWFPosition_scaleXYTo(SWFPosition position, float x, float y);
void SWFPosition_setMatrix(SWFPosition p, float a, float b, float c, float d,
float x, float y);
void SWFPosition_rotate(SWFPosition position, float degrees);
void SWFPosition_rotateTo(SWFPosition position, float degrees);
void SWFPosition_move(SWFPosition position, float x, float y);
void SWFPosition_moveTo(SWFPosition position, float x, float y);
/***** SWFDisplayItem *****/
void SWFDisplayItem_move(SWFDisplayItem item, float x, float y);
void SWFDisplayItem_moveTo(SWFDisplayItem item, float x, float y);
void SWFDisplayItem_rotate(SWFDisplayItem item, float degrees);
void SWFDisplayItem_rotateTo(SWFDisplayItem item, float degrees);
void SWFDisplayItem_scale(SWFDisplayItem item, float xScale, float yScale);
void SWFDisplayItem_scaleTo(SWFDisplayItem item, float xScale, float yScale);
void SWFDisplayItem_skewX(SWFDisplayItem item, float x);
void SWFDisplayItem_skewXTo(SWFDisplayItem item, float x);
void SWFDisplayItem_skewY(SWFDisplayItem item, float y);
void SWFDisplayItem_skewYTo(SWFDisplayItem item, float y);
void SWFDisplayItem_getPosition(SWFDisplayItem item, float * x, float * y);
void SWFDisplayItem_getRotation(SWFDisplayItem item, float * degrees);
void SWFDisplayItem_getScale(SWFDisplayItem item, float * xScale, float * yScale);
void SWFDisplayItem_getSkew(SWFDisplayItem item, float * xSkew, float * ySkew);
void SWFDisplayItem_setMatrix(SWFDisplayItem i, float a, float b,
float c, float d, float x, float y);
int SWFDisplayItem_getDepth(SWFDisplayItem item);
void SWFDisplayItem_setDepth(SWFDisplayItem item, int depth);
void SWFDisplayItem_remove(SWFDisplayItem item);
void SWFDisplayItem_setName(SWFDisplayItem item, const char *name);
void SWFDisplayItem_setMaskLevel(SWFDisplayItem item, int masklevel);
void SWFDisplayItem_setRatio(SWFDisplayItem item, float ratio);
void SWFDisplayItem_setCXform(SWFDisplayItem item, SWFCXform cXform);
void SWFDisplayItem_setColorAdd(SWFDisplayItem item,
int r, int g, int b, int a);
void SWFDisplayItem_setColorMult(SWFDisplayItem item,
float r, float g, float b, float a);
#define SWFDisplayItem_addColor SWFDisplayItem_setColorAdd
#define SWFDisplayItem_multColor SWFDisplayItem_setColorMult
#define SWFACTION_ONLOAD (1<<0)
#define SWFACTION_UNLOAD (1<<2)
#define SWFACTION_MOUSEUP (1<<5)
#define SWFACTION_KEYDOWN (1<<6)
#define SWFACTION_KEYUP (1<<7)
#define SWFACTION_DATA (1<<8)
void SWFDisplayItem_addAction(SWFDisplayItem item, SWFAction action, int flags);
/***** SWFFill *****/
/* adds a position object to manipulate SWFFillStyle's matrix */
SWFFill newSWFFill(SWFFillStyle fillstyle);
void destroySWFFill(SWFFill fill);
void SWFFill_skewX(SWFFill fill, float x);
void SWFFill_skewXTo(SWFFill fill, float x);
void SWFFill_skewY(SWFFill fill, float y);
void SWFFill_skewYTo(SWFFill fill, float y);
void SWFFill_scaleX(SWFFill fill, float x);
void SWFFill_scaleXTo(SWFFill fill, float x);
void SWFFill_scaleY(SWFFill fill, float y);
void SWFFill_scaleYTo(SWFFill fill, float y);
void SWFFill_scaleXY(SWFFill fill, float x, float y);
void SWFFill_scaleXYTo(SWFFill fill, float x, float y);
/* Deprecated? */
#define SWFFill_scale SWFFill_scaleXY
#define SWFFill_scaleTo SWFFill_scaleXYTo
void SWFFill_rotate(SWFFill fill, float degrees);
void SWFFill_rotateTo(SWFFill fill, float degrees);
void SWFFill_move(SWFFill fill, float x, float y);
void SWFFill_moveTo(SWFFill fill, float x, float y);
void SWFFill_setMatrix(SWFFill fill, float a, float b,
float c, float d, float x, float y);
/***** shape_util.h *****/
void SWFShape_setLine(SWFShape shape, unsigned short width,
byte r, byte g, byte b, byte a);
SWFFill SWFShape_addSolidFill(SWFShape shape, byte r, byte g, byte b, byte a);
SWFFill SWFShape_addGradientFill(SWFShape shape, SWFGradient gradient, byte flags);
SWFFill SWFShape_addBitmapFill(SWFShape shape, SWFBitmap bitmap, byte flags);
void SWFShape_setLeftFill(SWFShape shape, SWFFill fill);
void SWFShape_setRightFill(SWFShape shape, SWFFill fill);
void SWFShape_drawArc(SWFShape shape, float r, float startAngle, float endAngle);
void SWFShape_drawCircle(SWFShape shape, float r);
/* draw character c from font font into shape shape at size size */
void SWFShape_drawGlyph(SWFShape shape, SWFFont font, unsigned short c);
void SWFShape_drawSizedGlyph(SWFShape shape, SWFFont font, unsigned short c, int size);
/* Deprecated: */
#define SWFShape_drawFontGlyph(s,f,c) SWFShape_drawGlyph(s,f,c)
/* approximate a cubic bezier with quadratic segments */
/* returns the number of segments used */
int SWFShape_drawCubic(SWFShape shape, float bx, float by,
float cx, float cy, float dx, float dy);
int SWFShape_drawCubicTo(SWFShape shape, float bx, float by,
float cx, float cy, float dx, float dy);
void SWFShape_drawCharacterBounds(SWFShape shape, SWFCharacter character);
/***** SWFMovieClip *****/
SWFMovieClip newSWFMovieClip();
void destroySWFMovieClip(SWFMovieClip movieClip);
void SWFMovieClip_setNumberOfFrames(SWFMovieClip clip, int frames);
void SWFMovieClip_nextFrame(SWFMovieClip clip);
void SWFMovieClip_labelFrame(SWFMovieClip clip, const char *label);
SWFDisplayItem SWFMovieClip_add(SWFMovieClip clip, SWFBlock block);
void SWFMovieClip_remove(SWFMovieClip clip, SWFDisplayItem item);
void SWFMovieClip_setSoundStream(SWFMovieClip clip, SWFSoundStream sound, float rate);
void SWFMovie_setSoundStreamAt(SWFMovie movie, SWFSoundStream stream, float skip);
SWFSoundInstance SWFMovieClip_startSound(SWFMovieClip clip, SWFSound sound);
void SWFMovieClip_stopSound(SWFMovieClip clip, SWFSound sound);
/***** SWFPrebuiltClip ****/
SWFPrebuiltClip newSWFPrebuiltClip_fromFile(const char *filename);
SWFPrebuiltClip newSWFPrebuiltClip_fromInput(SWFInput input);
/***** SWFMovie *****/
SWFMovie newSWFMovie();
SWFMovie newSWFMovieWithVersion(int version);
void destroySWFMovie(SWFMovie movie);
void SWFMovie_setRate(SWFMovie movie, float rate);
void SWFMovie_setDimension(SWFMovie movie, float x, float y);
void SWFMovie_setNumberOfFrames(SWFMovie movie, int frames);
void SWFMovie_addExport(SWFMovie movie, SWFBlock block, const char *name);
void SWFMovie_setBackground(SWFMovie movie, byte r, byte g, byte b);
void SWFMovie_setSoundStream(SWFMovie movie, SWFSoundStream sound);
SWFSoundInstance SWFMovie_startSound(SWFMovie movie, SWFSound sound);
void SWFMovie_stopSound(SWFMovie movie, SWFSound sound);
SWFDisplayItem SWFMovie_add(SWFMovie movie, SWFBlock block);
void SWFMovie_remove(SWFMovie movie, SWFDisplayItem item);
void SWFMovie_nextFrame(SWFMovie movie);
void SWFMovie_labelFrame(SWFMovie movie, const char *label);
void SWFMovie_namedAnchor(SWFMovie movie, const char *label);
int SWFMovie_output(SWFMovie movie, SWFByteOutputMethod method, void *data);
int SWFMovie_save(SWFMovie movie, const char *filename);
int SWFMovie_output_to_stream(SWFMovie movie, FILE *fp);
/* deprecated */
/*int SWFMovie_outputC(SWFMovie movie, SWFByteOutputMethod method, void *data, int level);*/
SWFCharacter SWFMovie_importCharacter(SWFMovie movie, const char *filename, const char *name);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* SWF_MING_H_INCLUDED */
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