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679f304 @djnym Fixed unit test paths, and added framewerk generated files to .gitign…
djnym authored
1 * Thu Dec 03 2009 Anthony Molinaro <> 0.0.1
2 - Fixed path for unit tests
3 - Have .gitignore ignore all generated files
986dfb0 @djnym Fixed bool's to be properly deserialized into true and false atoms.
djnym authored
4 - Fixed bool type, they were being improperly left as 0 and 1 instead of using
a43a3eb @djnym Adding nested types.
djnym authored
5 the true and false atoms
6 - Nested types should now work according to spec (as much as there is one)
f5dcb98 Boolean's were misbehaving when they had default values and causing the
Anthony Molinaro authored
7 - Fixed bool defaults, they were being improperly scanned, so falling back to
8 keywords
13133f6 @freke Updated readme and changelog
freke authored
9 * freke <>
10 - Fixed enum support
9505808 @freke Improved Rake and restructured
freke authored
11 - Changed build system to Rake
12 - Added QuickCheck tests
13 - Changed so parsing of proto files is done by leex and yecc
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