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This module is a storage backend for Riak, which uses couch_btree to store data. couch_btree is an append-only format, and so just like CouchDB, it runs a compaction periodically.

Compared to other backends, this has the following properties:

  • Does not keep keys in memory (that is, it uses the file system buffers to keep keys)
  • Stores keys sorted so operations like list_buckets and list_keys_in_bucket have reasonable performance
  • Keys and values are stored together (there is no separate index or hint files) which may slow down key scans.
  • Is slower than innostore, for my bench setup with 3 nodes on 3 separate MacMinis it yields ~400 PUTs/sec w/btree compared to ~1000 PUTs/sec for innostore (and much slower than bitcask).
  • But is pure Erlang (which makes me and Erjang happy)

Compaction should really be triggered by some measure of fragmentation in the data file, so there is something to implement some other time. Right now it runs once an hour, but can be configured using the compaction_interval environment setting.

To configure Riak to use riak_btree_backend, edit your app.config to use the btree backend.

{riak_kv, [
    {storage_backend, riak_btree_backend},

{riak_btree_backend, [
         {data_root, "data/btree"},

         %% sync strategy is one of: none (default), {seconds, N}, sync or o_sync
         {sync_strategy, o_sync},

         %% how often to do copy compaction
         {compaction_interval, {minutes, 10}}

The easiest way to pull in all the right things in your riak is to build your own, adding this to the deps section of riak's riak/rebar.config.

{riak_btree_backend, "0.1.*",
    {git, "git://",
    {branch, "master"}}},

And, then update riak/rel/reltool.config to include riak_btree_backend in your release.


The code is Copyright (C) 2011 by Trifork, and made available under Apache 2.0 License. Pleas credit Trifork appropriately if you use this.


Acknowledgements go to the CouchDB team, the fine folks at Basho (the module borrows heavily from riak_kv_ets_backend and riak_kv_bitcask_backend), and to Ulf Wiger at Erlang Solutions for writing the beautiful little sext module.

Happy hacking!