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Vbisect is a variable-sized binary ordered dictionary implemented in erlang. All keys and values in the dictionary have been converted to binaries, then encoded in a single large binary as a breadth-first traversal of the tree's leaves represented as an array with variable-sized elements.

Data representation

An encoded vbisect dictionary can contain 2^32 entries, each of which has a key of not more than 2^16 bytes and a value of not more than 2^32 bytes, and the entire dictionary must fit in your available RAM. In general, they have been optimized for a 32-bit architecture but should work well on 64-bit environments.

Vbisect binaries are defined with the following fields in order (the key and value pairs are repeated as many times as are defined by the number of entries):

Id:                 <<"vbis">>
Number of entries:  <<Count:32/unsigned>>

Key Size:           <<Key_Size:16>>
Key:                <<Key/binary>>

Value Size:         <<Value_Size:32>>
Value:              <<Value/binary>>


The main usage is to convert orddicts and gb_trees to vbisects and subsequently to access the data values using find and fold. Ensure that all keys and values are binaries in any source orddict or gb_tree:

from_orddict(Orddict) -> Vbisect.
to_orddict(Vbisect)   -> Orddict.

from_gb_tree(Tree)    -> Vbisect.
to_gb_tree(Vbisect)   -> Tree.

find(Key, Vbisect)    -> {ok, Value} | error.
find_geq(Key, Vbisect) -> {ok, Key, Value} | none.

foldl(fun(Key, Value, Accum) -> Accum1), Accum0, Vbisect0) -> Vbisect1.
foldr(fun(Key, Value, Accum) -> Accum1), Accum0, Vbisect0) -> Vbisect1.

merge(Compare_Fn, Orddict1, Orddict2) -> Orddict3.

Quick start

To play around with the code after cloning from github:

cd vbisect
1> cd(ebin).

2> vbisect:module_info().
     ... info about exports ...

3> Props = [{<<"name">>, <<"joe">>}, {<<"age">>, <<"28">>}, {<<"sex">>, <<"M">>}].

4> orddict:from_list(v(3)).

5> vbisect:from_orddict(v(4)).

Building with your own application

To include this code in your own erlang application, add the following to your .app.src file:

{application, myapp,
  {id, ...},
  {included_applications, [vbisect]

Then add this to your Makefile:

DEPS = vbisect
dep_vbisect = 0.1.0

or this to your rebar.config:

  {vbisect, "0.1.0", {git, "", {tag, "0.1.0"}}}


Based on original work at

  • Kresten Krab Thorup @krestenkrab
  • Jay Nelson @duomark