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Certdog Java Client

A java client for certdog allowing you to obtain certificates as .cer, PKCS#12/PFX, PEM/PKCS#8 or JKS formats

Certdog can interface to your existing Microsoft CAs, PrimeKey EJBCAs as well as its own internal CAs

More info on certdog:

More info on this client:


Create the client, passing the API URL

CertdogClient client = new CertdogClient("");

Login with the api username and password

client.login("certdogtest", "password");

To request a certificate from a CSR provide

  1. The name of the cert issuer (as configured in certdog - use clien.getIssuers() to get all available issuers)
  2. The name of the team you wish this certificate to be associated with
  3. The CSR
String certIssuer = "Certdog TLS"
String team = "Test Team"

X509Certificate cert = client.requestCertFromCsr(certIssuer, team, csr);


CertdogClient.SaveCert(cert, "C:/temp/certdog.cer")

Request a cert from a DN. As well as the cert issuer and team, you also need to provide:

  1. The CSR generator name. This is the generator that will create the CSR for you (use client.getGenerators() to get all available generators)
  2. The requested DN
  3. Any Subject Alternative Names
  4. The password to protect the returned P12, JKS, PEM
String csrGenerator = "RSA2048"    
String dn = ",O=Some org"

// Add Subject Alternative Names in this format:
// DNS:[],IP:[IP Address],EMAIL:[Email Address]
// pass null for no SANs    
ArrayList<String> sans = new ArrayList<>();

String p12Password = "password"
// Request the cert. Other response formats are: JKS and PEM (PKCS#8)
String p12Data = client.requestCert(certIssuer, csrGenerator, team,
                     dn, p12Password, sans, ResponseFormat.PKCS12);

Save the returned data

CertdogClient.SaveP12(p12Data, "C:/temp/certdog.pfx");

You can now import this into your local certificate store

Revoke a certificate

client.revokeCert(certIssuer, cert, RevocationReason.CesationOfOperation);

To find out what issuers, teams and CSR generators are available

List<String> teamNames = client.getTeams();

List<String> issuers = client.getIssuers();

List<String> generators = client.getGenerators();



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