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.gitlab/issue_templates Fixes #643: Remove Cozy support; Nov 13, 2017
bin Protect the call to chmod in the binary and explain what's happening; Apr 30, 2018
client [budget] Only display the months with transactions in the budget peri… Aug 19, 2018
docker-compose Use traefik's latest stable version Apr 24, 2018
docker Migrate the repository to kresuscorp/kresus and simplify next time mi… Aug 2, 2018
scripts Tweaks to !722; Aug 9, 2018
server Simplify error handling in transaction iteration; Aug 19, 2018
shared Remove bootstrap form-group usage Aug 18, 2018
static Fixes #731: Remove wells fargo from the list of supported banks; Mar 24, 2018
tests Add a script to automatically generate banks.json. Fixes #570. Aug 9, 2018
.babelrc [build] Remove dependency on ES stage-0 and stage-1 proposals; Feb 15, 2018
.eslintignore Remove Modernizr Jul 5, 2017
.eslintrc.yml Add linter check for cycle imports. Fixes #676 Dec 26, 2017
.gitignore Display anonymized server logs on client Feb 9, 2018
.gitlab-ci.yml Fix CI by using an old version of pylint + add python-enum34 to the d… Jul 16, 2018
.npmrc Disable package-lock.json file in Kresus Aug 6, 2017
.pylintrc Use an environment variable to pass the password to the python script. Aug 1, 2018 [build] Use webpack-dev-server for easier front-end development; Feb 1, 2018 Fixes #144: add a code of conduct. Aug 15, 2015
LICENSE Basic rework of about section Mar 24, 2018
Makefile Use yarn instead of npm in All The Scripts; Mar 27, 2018 Migrate the repository to kresuscorp/kresus and simplify next time mi… Aug 2, 2018
config.example.ini [docker] Fix automated docker build; Feb 10, 2018
package.json Use custom db instead of cozy-db default one + upgrade pouchdb Aug 19, 2018
webpack.config.js Basic Webpack configuration Aug 23, 2017


Kresus is an open-source libre self-hosted personal finance manager. It allows you to safely track your banking history, check your overall balance and know exactly on what you are spending money with the use of tags!

It has started as a fork of cozy-pfm but is way different now.

Kresus UI

How to install Kresus

For up to date installation instructions, please refer to the website.

Note that this website is opensource as well and you can contribute to improve installation instructions.


See the contributing file.

A big thank you to all of our contributors!

Code of conduct

Kresus project adopted a code of conduct that everybody is expected to follow. Read it for further information about how to behave, how to report abuses, etc.


If you like the work we're doing, consider making a donation!

Make a recurrent donation