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This is Kreuzverweis Smart Keywording for the web(browser). This is mainly meant as a demo how to access the Kreuzverweis Smart Keywording Service from a webapp. The demo consists of two parts, a backend proxy talking to the Smart Keywording Webservice, and a JavaScript client for the GUI.

Running the Demo

The backend is built using Scala, SBT, Unfiltered, Dispatch, and the Typesafe Config library.

In order to run the demo:

  • Clone the git.
  • Change to directory, run sbt clean stage.
  • Copy src/main/resources/application.conf to, e.g., config/demo.conf.
  • Create a client ID and secret for the Smart Keywording Service as described in our documentation, and enter them in config/demo.conf.
  • Run target/start config/demo.conf.
  • The demo will, by default, run on port 8888.
  • Please, always use an external config file as in the example, and don't edit the default config in src/main/resources/application.conf directly.

This demo can be used as a basis for a an integration in a real application, as we did for the ResourceSpace DAM system. The plugin is also available on github.


This demo is released unter the Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE.

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