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GTK+ requires the following packages:
- The GLib, Pango, ATK and cairo libraries, available at the same
location as GTK+. GTK+ @GTK_VERSION@ requires at least GLib 2.17.6,
Pango 1.20, ATK 1.13.0 and cairo 1.6.0.
- The TIFF, PNG, and JPEG image loading libraries. You most
likely have these installed on your system already. If not
these libraries are available from:
libtiff must be version 3.6.0 or higher.
Simple install procedure
% gzip -cd gtk+-@GTK_VERSION@.tar.gz | tar xvf - # unpack the sources
% cd gtk+-@GTK_VERSION@ # change to the toplevel directory
% ./configure # run the `configure' script
% make # build GTK+
[ Become root if necessary ]
% make install # install GTK+
The Details
Complete information about installing GTK+ and related libraries can be found
in the file:
Or online at: