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NVIDIA 418.74 Drivers

This is a shame. I would never been doing this if not forced to. And I have been.

Since NVIDIA upgraded their drivers to 430.14, I can't use my computer because I just see a black screen when I login. There are workarounds that are not doable for the time I wait for a real fix.

While they don't release a fix for this issue, I will be sadly maintaining this pinned version of the drivers.

I'm maintaining both nvidia-418, as well as nvidia-utils-418. I intend to remove both as soon as this is fixed on upstream - or I find a better alternative/workaround to keep using the Arch package.


The problem is that I see a black screen shortly after the Linux boot initial logs. After that, the screen shutdown and never turns on again - it enters on energy saving mode.

This doesn't seem to be related with Xorg, because this happens before Xorg is even started. In fact, if I disable Xorg it still happens.

To detect that you're a victim of this problem, just look for a single log entry at the boot time (journalctl -b -0):

nvidia-modeset: WARNING: GPU:0: Lost display notification (0:0x00000000); continuing.


The workaround is a PITA. I need to plug in my monitor into the onboard VGA, then wait for Xorg to start, then I can re-plug it on the NVIDIA card. This is the worst.


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