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Less implementation for FuelPHP using lessphp and nodejs.

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Fuel LessCSS Compiler

This is a LESS compiler package for Fuel Framework, using lessphp by @leafo or nodejs.

LESS extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variables, mixins, operations and functions.

More about lesscss:

More about lessphp:

New in 2.0

  • Search modifications recursively in your less includes
  • Compile your less with LessPHP implementation or the nodejs+node official one


Clone from Github. Put it on 'packages_dir/less' dir in and add to your app/config/config.php.

git clone --recursive git://

Works with Fuel 1.1+


// will compile `less_source_dir`/style.less to base_url/assets/css/style.css and load it as CSS

// same syntax as Asset::css()
Asset::less(array('style.less', 'file1.less', 'admin/style.less'));


Copy PKGPATH/less/config/less.php to your APP/config/less.php and change it as you need. You can also change these configs at runtime:

// Using the basic Config for the default Asset instance
Config::set('asset.less_source_dir', APPPATH.'less/admin');
// Or using the new Asset Instance
Asset::forge('custom', array('less_source_dir' => APPPATH.'less/admin'));

Updating submodules

In case you want to update the submodules (lessphp and lessjs)

git pull --recurse-submodules


Fuel LessCSS package is released under the MIT License.

Have fun!

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