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AmiBroker .NET SDK and Community Plug-ins

Non-official AmiBroker plug-in SDK for .NET developers. It's just a port of the official C++ based AmiBroker Development Kit (ADK) to .NET / C#.

It is 100% free, no hidden charges, allowed for both personal and commercial use under Apache License 2.0.

Contributions of any kind are welcome! Feel free to fork this repo and send pull requests with your updates.

Prerequisites for Developers

  • Visual Studio 2012 (preferred) or Visual Studio 2010
  • NuGet Package Manager extension for Visual Studio
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (can be easily downgraded if needed in Plugin.csproj file)

Community Plug-ins for AmiBroker


AmiBroker .NET SDK

Getting Started

Download and install GitHub for Windows if you havn't done it already. Click [Clone in Desktop] button on the right at this page in order to download the latest version of this project to your local folder.

Open 'AmiBroker .NET SDK.sln' solution file in Visual Studio, update information about your plug-in inside Plugin/Plugin.cs/GetPluginInfo() method, add quotes related logic inside Plugin/Plugin.cs/GetQuotesEx() method, build the project and you're done. Your first data plug-in is ready to be tested and debugged.

Note, that this project is just a port of the oficial C++ based ADK. In order to understand how it works it is strongly recommended to read the official ADK manual which can be found inside file.

Support & Feedback

Visit our discussions board, feel free to ask questions and send feature requests.


AmiBroker .NET SDK - An open source plug-in project template and community plug-ins for AmiBroker




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