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💥 Monorepo template (seed project) pre-configured with GraphQL API, PostgreSQL, React, and Joy UI.


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GraphQL Starter Kit

High-performance GraphQL API server, database dev tools, and React front-end.



This project was bootstrapped with GraphQL Starter Kit. Be sure to join our Discord channel for assistance.

Directory Structure

├──.github — GitHub configuration including CI/CD workflows.
├──.vscode — VSCode settings including code snippets, recommended extensions etc.
├──app — front-end application (Vite, Vitest, React, Joy UI).
├──db — database schema, seeds, and migrations (PostgreSQL).
├──infra — cloud infrastructure configuration (Terraform).
├──scripts — automation scripts shared across the project.
├──server — backend server (GraphQL Yoga, Pothos GraphQL).
└── ... — add more packages such as worker, admin, mobile, etc.


Getting Started

Just clone the repo and, install project dependencies and bootstrap the PostgreSQL database:

$ git clone example
$ cd ./example                  # Change current directory to the newly created one
$ corepack enable               # Ensure Yarn is installed
$ yarn install                  # Install project dependencies
$ yarn db create                # Create a new database if doesn't exist
$ yarn db migrate --seed        # Migrate and seed the database

From there on, you can launch the app by running:

$ yarn workspace server start   # Or, `yarn server:start`
$ yarn workspace app start      # Or, `yarn app:start`

The GraphQL API server should become available at http://localhost:8080/.
While the front-end server should be running at http://localhost:5173/.

IMPORTANT: Tap Shift+Cmd+P in VSCode, run the TypeScript: Select TypeScript Version command and select the workspace version.

How to Update

In the case when you kept the original GraphQL Starter Kit git history, you can always pull and merge updates from the "seed" repository back into your project by running:

$ git fetch seed                # Fetch GraphQL Starter Kit (seed) repository
$ git checkout main             # Switch to the main branch (or, master branch)
$ git merge seed/main           # Merge upstream/master into the local branch

In order to update Yarn and other dependencies to the latest versions, run:

$ yarn set version latest       # Upgrade Yarn CLI to the latest version
$ yarn upgrade-interactive      # Bump Node.js dependencies using an interactive mode
$ yarn install                  # Install the updated Node.js dependencies
$ yarn dlx @yarnpkg/sdks vscode # Update VSCode settings



How to Contribute

We welcome contributions through pull requests and issues on our GitHub repository. Feel free to also start a conversation on our Discord server to discuss potential contributions or seek guidance.


Copyright © 2014-present Kriasoft. This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the LICENSE file.