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React Starter Kit Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.


  • Split the App component into App setting context variables and Layout setting general look and feel of the app (BREAKING CHANGE)
  • Upgrade history npm module to v4.x, update Link component (BREAKING CHANGE)
  • Remove core/createHistory.js in favor of initializing a new history instance inside server.js and client.js (BREAKING CHANGE)
  • Remove Jade dependency in favor of React-based templates: src/views/index.jade => src/components/Html (BREAKING CHANGE) #711
  • Update isomorphic-style-loader to v1.0.0, it adds comparability with ES2015+ decorators. Code such as export default withStyles(MyComponent, style1, style2) must be replaced with export default withStyles(style1, style2)(MyComponent) (BREAKING CHANGE).
  • Replace Jest with Mocha, Chai, Sinon. Unit test files must be renamed from MyComponent/__test__/MyComponent-test.js to MyComponent/MyComponent.test.js (BREAKING CHANGE).
  • Remove actions, stores folders since there is no Flux library included into the kit
  • Rename server variable in server.js to app
  • Integrate Sequelize to make the project compatible with different types of databases
  • Rename onSetTitle, onSetMeta context variables to setTitle, setMeta
  • Move Content component to src/routes/content
  • Move ErrorPage component to src/routes/error
  • Move the list of top-level routes to src/routes/index
  • Update routing to use universal-router library
  • Move Babel, ESLint and JSCS configurations to package.json #497
  • Convert Feedback, Footer, Header, and Navigation to functional stateless components
  • Move page / screen components into the src/routes folder along with the routing information for them (BREAKING CHANGE). 6553936



  • Remove Html React component in favor of compiled Jade templates (src/views) (BREAKING CHANGE). e188388
  • Add global error handling in Node.js/Express app. e188388
  • Add support for Markdown and HTML for static pages. #469, #477



  • Replace RESTful API endpoint (src/api) with GraphQL (src/data)
  • Add a sample GraphQL endpoint localhost:3000/graphql
  • Change the default Node.js server port from 5000 to 3000
  • Add a JWT-based authentication cookies (see src/server.js)
  • Add a reference implementation of Facebook authentication strategy (src/core/passport.js)
  • Add a sample database client utility for PostgreSQL (src/core/db.js)
  • Optimize the tools/start.js script that launches dev server with Browsersync and HMR
  • Replace Superagent with WHATWG Fetch library
  • Rename app.js to client.js (aka client-side code)
  • Integrate CSS Modules and isomorphic-style-loader
  • Move DOMUtils.js to src/core folder; remove src/utils folder
  • Replace cssnext with precss
  • Update build automation scripts to use plain functions
  • Add support of --release and --verbose flags to build scripts
  • Add file with a list of notable changes to this project



  • Replace React Hot Loader (deprecated) with React Transform
  • Replace index.html template with Html (shell) React component
  • Update the deployment script (tools/deploy.js), add Git-based deployment example
  • Update ESLint and JSCS settings to use AirBnb JavaScript style guide
  • Update docs/ to cover Atom editor
  • Update NPM production and dev dependencies to use the latest versions
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