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Texperts - Tech Support On Demand
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A MEAN stack app that connects tech experts (texperts) with users who need technical support for a variety of devices.

This application allows users to either sign up as a texpert and select which areas they can provide help, or as a user who is looking for help.

Live version available at:

This is hosted by Heroku in a developer tier so it might take a few seconds for it to spin up and serve the site.

User Stories

As a non technical individual who doesn't have time to take my electronics into a store or a physical location to get help, I want to be able to get technical service at the touch of a button.

As a student who can only work full time, I would like to use my technical skills to help people solve their problems with their electronics and get them back to their day.


You can either Sign Up or Log In in the top right corner of the page.

If you create an account you will have two options - 'I need help' or 'I can help. If you select 'I can help' you will be asked in what areas you can help.

As a user who is looking for help, you will have the ability to view all Texperts, create a help ticket, view your profile with your open tickets, and join a chat room with a Texpert.

As a Texpert you will have access to view all open help tickets on the help board. On the help board, you can choose a ticket you think you can help with, which will open a chat room. With a chat room open, a link will become active on the users profile page.


This application is built with the MEAN stack and utilizes Materialize styling framework.

We used SOCKET.IO to manage the chat room functionality of our app.

Future Features

  • Include Twilio api to text a Texpert when their services are requested.
  • Allow users to leave reviews and comments about texperts
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