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Fun twist on the classic Mad Lib with GIF's!

Image of MadGif Header

User Story

As a fan of hilarious GIFs I want to create mad lib stories with GIFs so I can laugh, share with my friends, or save to my profile page.

Technical Requirements

  • Have at least 2 models
  • Include sign up/log in functionality
  • Incorporate at least one API
  • Have complete RESTful routes
  • Utilize an ORM to create a database table structure
  • Use semantic markup for HTML and CSS (adhere to best practices)

Project Progress:

Trello Board

Initial Trello Setup

First Trello Setup

Initial Design Mock Up

First Layout/Mockup


Userflow layout

Sample Story

Sample Story

Technologies Used

  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • PostgresSQL
  • Giphy API
  • Heroku
  • Git / GitHub
  • Trello

Approach Taken

I always enjoyed writing mad libs, and can spend hours searching for the perfect GIF. I wanted to create an app that combined these two.

  • First started with user sign up/login
    • Used Bcrypt to hash the password
    • Used Sessions to keep track of user
  • Next worked on connecting with Giphy API and displaying one GIF
    • Connected using the Giphy-API NPM package
    • Used GET method with a search form
  • Increased the API calls to four searches from one call
    • Used Async to manage multiple API calls without crashing
  • Interjected results into story
    • Used the URL's returned from the Giphy API to interject into the mad lib story


  • Multiple API calls with one GET request - Used Async to solve this.
  • Saving favorite GIFs to profile page.
  • Connecting two models to link favorites to the specific user.

Fun Stuff

  • Writing the mad lib story
  • Working with the Giphy API

Unsolved Problem

  • Instead of just saving all the GIFs to a favorite page, I would like to save the story url that can be reloaded when clicked on

Next Steps

  • Add more stories
  • Randomly select which story is displayed
  • Share to Facebook
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