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Some more or less helpful scripts to manage my fotos

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A collection of scripts I have written since the time I started using a digital camera.

Documentation:	none, yet
Wiki:		none, yet
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Author:	Daniel Kriesten <>
License:	GPLv2

=====*		Rename and oerder files*			Wrapper for a rsync call
move_and_rename.workflow/	Finder workflow*	move pics to folders*			move pictures from given source folder to destination
				sorting into <year>/<year-month-day>/<yearmonthday>_<filename>*		Rename img to have its exif-date in the name*			Rename mp3-files
rsync-command.txt*		txt to remember a rsync-command*			Sync fotos to a folder.
				The script also builds thumbnails of the fotos.
				It was originally intended to sync my pics to a online album.*		If using lightroom to edit xmp information of a RAW-file
				it's saved into a seperate file. The script syncs this info
				to the corresponding jpg-file.
Other Remarks
this line removes pictures which exist twice. One is named with date and
time, the other one ist with date only. We want the one with date and
time, the other one gets removed.
for i in $(find 2011/2011-07* -name '*.jpg' ); do if [ -e ${i%%_*}_*_${i#*_} ] ; then echo -n "${i%%_*}_*_${i#*_} exists ... "; rm -vf ${i}; fi; done
for i in $(find 2011/2011-07* -name '*.CR2' ); do if [ -e ${i%%_*}_*_${i#*_} ] ; then echo -n "${i%%_*}_*_${i#*_} exists ... "; rm -vf ${i}; fi; done
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