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Controlling scenes from Fibaro Home Center Controller via NEEO remote
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Fibaro HomeCenter Scenes driver for NEEO Remote


Build Status

To find out more about Fibaro controller checkout

To find out more about NEEO, the Brain and "The Thinking Remote" checkout


Getting started

  • Install via npm
$ npm install neeo-fibaro-scenes-adapter -g

Platform-specific install note available from

Example usage

Edit settings.json and update neeo, settings and controllers sections


  • brainIp: You can fix here the ip of brain
  • driverPort: This is port used to establish communication between sdk server and the brain. Warning: the port cannot be shared between multiple device.


  • loadHiddenScenes option (true|false): if setted to true all scenes (visible or not) will be available in device.


You can add as many controller you want here.

  • serial is the serial of the home center
  • host is the ip address of the home center
  • login is the login used to log in the home center
  • password is the password used to log in the home center

Example "settings.json"

    "neeo": {
        "brainIp" : "",
        "driverPort" : 6337
    "settings": {
        "loadHiddenScenes": false
    "controllers": [
            "serial": "HC2-008080",
            "host": "",
            "login": "",
            "password": "password"
            "serial": "HCL-032600",
            "host": "",
            "login": "",
            "password": "password"
  1. Start up the device via npm run server:fibaro-scenes
  2. Connect to your NEEO Brain in the NEEO app
  3. Go to add device
  4. You should be able to find the adapter by searching for "fibaro scenes"
  5. All scenes are now available as shortcuts in the recipes



Known Issues

For a list of known issues, please see the issues page

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