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@@ -258,78 +258,78 @@ In that part you define the user and password you want to use to log into your s
=head4 Simple Authentication
-Define the user:
+B<Define the user>
user "<user>";
-Define the password:
+B<Define the password>
password "<password>";
-Set password authentication:
+B<Set password authentication>
=head4 Key Authentication
-Define Private Key:
+B<Define Private Key>
private_key "/path/to/your/private/key.file";
-Define Public Key:
+B<Define Public Key>
public_key "/path/to/your/public/key.file";
=head4 Define Logging
-Log to a file:
+B<Log to a file>
logging to_file => "rex.log";
-Log to syslog:
+B<Log to syslog>
logging to_syslog => "local0";
=head4 Other Configuration parameters
-Define ssh timeout:
+B<Define ssh timeout>
timeout 10;
-Define parallelism:
+B<Define parallelism>
parallelism 2;
=head3 Group your servers
-Rex gives you the possibility to group your servers. So you don't need to type every servername multiple times.
+Rex gives you the possibility to B<group your servers>. So you don't need to type every servername multiple times.
group "frontends" => "frontend01", "frontend02", "frontend03", "frontend04";
-You can even define ranges in the servernames:
+You can even B<define ranges> in the servernames:
group "frontends" => "frontend[01..04]";
=head3 Your tasks
-Create a task description:
+B<Create a task description>
desc "This is a long description of a task";
-Create the task:
+B<Create the task>
task "shortname", group => "frontends", sub {
run "uptime";
-or, if you don't have groups:
+B<or, if you don't have groups>
task "shortname", "frontend01", "frontend02", "frontend03", "frontend04", sub {
run "uptime";
-and with serverranges:
+B<and with serverranges>
task "shortname", "frontend[01..04]", sub {
run "uptime";

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