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These things are new in (R)?ex Version 0.31. Download (R)?ex here:


  • Communication Protocol exchangeable

    The communication protocol is now exchangeable. It supports now SSH and HTTP(s). A Rex HTTP Endpoint is available as an extra package.

    Read the documentation at

  • Set Authentication per Group or Task. (Only with 0.31 features enabled)

    You have to define the groups and tasks first before you can modify the authentication for them.

    Authentication settings for tasks have always precedence over group settings.

     use Rex -feature => 0.31;
     group frontends => "web[01..10]";
     group backends => "be[01..05]";
     auth for => "frontends" => 
                      user => "root",
                      password => "foobar";
     auth for => "backends" =>
                      user => "admin",
                      private_key => "/path/to/id_rsa",
                      public_key => "/path/to/",
                      sudo => TRUE;
     task "prepare", group => ["frontends", "backends"], sub {
        # do something
     auth for => "prepare" =>
                      user => "root";
  • Feature flags

    For new features that may be incompatible there is a new feature flag to explicit activate those features.

    You can active new features by version in your Rexfile.

     # Rexfile
     use Rex -feature => 0.31;
     user "root";
     password "foo";
     task prepare => sub {
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