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These things are new in (R)?ex Version 0.42. Download (R)?ex here:


Net::OpenSSH connection mode - chenryn

As of this release it is possible to use Net::OpenSSH for the connection. With this it is possible to use also kerberos authentication and all features openssh has (like ProxyCommand, ...)

To use Net::OpenSSH you have to set the connection type in your Rexfile.

This fixes a long ago opened pull request #70.

use Rex -feature => '0.42';

set connection => 'OpenSSH';

task 'yourtask', 'yourserver', sub {
   say run 'uptime';

Kerberos authentication - chenryn

If you want to use kerberos authentication you have to use Net::OpenSSH.

set connection => "OpenSSH";

user "youruser";

Custom user for sudo command

It is now possible to use custom users for the sudo command.

task "mytask", "server1", sub {
    sudo {
         user => "foo",
         command => "id",

new function delete_lines_according_to - liedekef

This function is similar to delete_lines_matching but with an other syntax and the possibility to use the on_change hook if the file was changed.

task "cleanup", "server1", sub {
   delete_lines_according_to qr{^foo:}, "/etc/passwd",
      on_change => sub {
         say "removed user foo.";

new feature flag use_server_auth to enable auth properties in ini files

define server groups with special server properties in ini files

The ini file feature is improved to allow custom properties for servers and to allow inheritance of sections.

You have to use use_server_auth feature flag for this.

# Rexfile
use Rex -feature => [qw/use_server_auth/];
use Rex::Group::Lookup::INI;
; my group file


# the backends



[memcache < redis]
memcache02 user=root password=foob4r sudo=true services=apache,memcache

This will create the following groups:

frontends: fe01, fe02, fe03, fe04, fe05
backends: be01, be02, be04
db: db01, db02
redis: be01, be02, be04, redis01, redis02
memcache: be01, be02, be04, redis01, redis02, memcache01, memcache02

and memcache02 will use custom authentication and there will be a special option "services" for this server that can be queries like this:

task "mytask", group => "memcache", sub {
    say connection->server->option("services");

cwd option for run command

run "ls -l",
   cwd => "/home";

Speed improvements

  • #123 - File manipulation speed for sed - liedekef
  • #133 - speed of delete_lines_matching function - liedekef
  • #135 #136 #137 - speed improvement for os detection - liedekef
  • #143 - speed of append_if_no_such_line - liedekef


  • #115 - fixed the most possible things (sudo_without_sh flag)
  • removed blastwave package capabilities from solaris, because blastwave doesn't exists anymore
  • #129 - removed an unnecessary opendir call - liedekef
  • #148 - use equery for Rex::Pkg::Gentoo in get_installed, later replaced by #165 - tianon
  • #149 - updated most of Rsync with server-specific auth - tianon
  • #159 - don't execute a task if the defined group doesn't contain servers. There is a feature flag to disable this behavior (empty_groups)
  • #163 - Rex::Pkg::Gentoo: Fix separator character between package name and version - ferki
  • #165 - Rex::Pkg::Gentoo: Replace get_installed checking method - ferki
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