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The BananaBread Engine

A port of the Cube 2/Sauerbraten 3D game engine/first person shooter to the web, compiling C++ and OpenGL to JavaScript and WebGL using Emscripten.


FPS-type games:

Non-game example:



Cube 2 is a compact and efficient 3D game engine. By compiling it to JavaScript and WebGL you can run a complete first person shooter in your web browser, using only standard web APIs and without any plugins.


  • A multitude of visual effects including water reflection/ refraction, parallax mapping, glare, particle effects, lightmaps, skeletal animation (on gpu), etc. etc.
  • Compile a single codebase both to a native application and to the web.
  • Streamlined and quick physics system
    • Ragdoll physics
  • Bot AI with adjustable skill level.
  • Integrated in-game editor.
  • Fast performance both when compiled natively and to the web.
  • zlib license, see below.

The original engine also has a lot of other features not yet enabled (but will be):

  • Multiplayer
    • Multiplayer editing
  • Shadowmapping


Do 'make' in cube2/src/web for a web build. You can also do 'make' in cube2/src/native for a native linux build.


  1. Run python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8888 in cube2/

  2. Load localhost:8888 in your browser


Code is zlib licensed (just like Sauerbraten).

New content created for this project specifically (for example, by Gregor Koch or Alon Zakai) is all CC-BY. If there isn't a specific license file, this is the license, so you can use that content freely.

Existing content is mostly CC-BY or CC-BY-SA, see license files in specific directories. An exception are the character models, their license is sadly more restrictive (we hope to get new ones when possible), see details in

packages/models/snoutx10k/ packages/models/hudguns/

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