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<div class="section">
<div class="title">BananaBench - The Tastiest Browser Benchmark</div>
- <li>BananaBench is a benchmark based on the BananaBread project. Most benchmarks tend to be artificial or to focus on a very narrow range of features, instead BananaBench is a complete, real-world game engine, and the benchmark code uses all of the following web features:
- <ul>
- <li>JavaScript</li>
- <li>WebGL</li>
- <li>Web workers</li>
- <li>Image decoding</li>
- </ul>
- The JavaScript part includes code that does all of the following:
- <ul>
- <li>Physics simulation</li>
- <li>Bot AI</li>
- <li>Bytecode VM for the CubeScript language</li>
- </ul>
+ <li>BananaBench is a benchmark based on the BananaBread project. It tests JavaScript performance on a complete, real-world game engine. In addition it tests WebGL performance in non-headless mode.

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