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#include "Relooper.h"
int main() {
//Debugging::On = 1;
char buffer[10000];
void *r = rl_new_relooper();
void *b19 = rl_new_block("//19");
rl_relooper_add_block(r, b19);
void *b20 = rl_new_block("//20");
rl_relooper_add_block(r, b20);
void *b21 = rl_new_block("//21");
rl_relooper_add_block(r, b21);
void *b22 = rl_new_block("//22");
rl_relooper_add_block(r, b22);
void *b23 = rl_new_block("//23");
rl_relooper_add_block(r, b23);
void *b24 = rl_new_block("//24");
rl_relooper_add_block(r, b24);
void *b28 = rl_new_block("//28");
rl_relooper_add_block(r, b28);
rl_block_add_branch_to(b19, b20, " 1 ");
rl_block_add_branch_to(b19, b22, NULL);
rl_block_add_branch_to(b20, b21, " 1 ");
rl_block_add_branch_to(b20, b22, NULL);
rl_block_add_branch_to(b21, b23, NULL);
rl_block_add_branch_to(b22, b23, NULL);
rl_block_add_branch_to(b23, b24, " 1 ");
rl_block_add_branch_to(b23, b28, NULL);
rl_relooper_calculate(r, b19);
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