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openjpeg demo tweaks

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@azakai azakai authored
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4 demos/openjpeg.html
@@ -87,12 +87,12 @@
<p>After the image is
decoded into pixel data, it is rendered using a Canvas element. This demo should therefore work in any web
browser that supports the Canvas element, whether or not that web browser natively supports the JPEG 2000 format.</p>
- <p>Click 'Go!' to render a demo image (from <a href="">here</a>)
+ <p><b>Click 'Go!'</b> to render a demo image (from <a href="">here</a>)
which has been encoded into a JSON object.
You can also change the URL to that of a binary JPEG 2000 image, which will be
downloaded and rendered, but I am not aware of a cross-browser way to receive binary data, so it uses
a <a href="">typed array
- property of the XHR</a> (which will only work on Firefox 4).</p>
+ property of XHRs</a> (which will only work on Firefox 4).</p>
<canvas id='canvas' width=1 height=1></canvas>
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