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Commits on Jun 16, 2015
  1. 1.34.0

  2. comment

Commits on Jun 15, 2015
  1. fix interactive.test_freealut

  2. @gagern

    Incorporate suggestions from code review

    gagern authored
    * MEM_INIT_METHOD != 1 with --with-memory-file 1 now triggers an assertion
    * Consistently return '' instead of if there is no initializer
    * Strip trailing zeros for emterpreter as well
    * Include crc32 in literal only if it gets verified
    * Enable assertions for the asm2m test run in general
    * Disable assertions for one test case, fnmatch, to cover that as well
    * Include the asm2m run name in two lists of run modes
    * Add browser test to verify all pairs of bytes get encoded correctly
    * Add browser test to verify that a >32M initializer works without chunking
    * Omit duplicate var declaration for the memoryInitializer variable
    * Minor comments and syntax improvements
    * Capture the memory_init_file setting by its MEM_INIT_METHOD value.
    * Drop special handling for emterpreter, which shouldn't be needed any more.
  3. @gagern

    Use hex escapes for non-ASCII bytes

    gagern authored
    This makes the resulting literals more independent from the character
    encoding the environment assumes for the resulting file.
    It requires slightly more memory, but large bytes are far less common than
    small bytes (zero in particular), so the cost should not be too much.
    If we want to, we can still make this optional later on.
  4. @gagern

    Verify integrity of memory initializer using CRC-32

    gagern authored
    This is almost the standard CRC-32 algorithm, except that we omit the final
    XOR with -1 so that we can easily compare the result against zero.
    The length of the initializer is included in the data so that we don't have
    to worry about leading zeros (after XOR with the init value of -1).
    Useful read:
  5. @gagern

    Avoid octal escapes, use raw bytes instead

    gagern authored
    There was a bug where the hex-to-oct conversion would match \\x01.  But
    support for octal escape sequences is optional in any case, and forbidden in
    strict mode, so we should avoid using these.
    As per the ECMAScript 5.1 spec, any source character (which may be any
    unicode code point) can be used inside a string literal, with the exception
    of backslash, line terminator or the quoting character.  So we do just that:
    dump a lot of raw bytes into the string literal and escape only what needs
    to be escaped.
    There is one catch, though: sources are usually encoded in UTF-8, in which
    case we can't exactly plug in raw bytes, but have to use UTF-8 sequences for
    the range \x80 through \xff.  This may cause problems if the source file is
    NOT interpreted as UTF-8.
  6. @gagern

    Store memory initialization in string literal if requested

    gagern authored
    With “--memory-init-file 0 -s MEM_INIT_METHOD=2” on the command line, the
    generated JavaScript file will contain a string literal representing the
    initial content of the memory buffer.
    The MEM_INIT_METHOD defaults to 0 but gets set to 1 if --memory-init-file is
    being used.  Setting it to 1 without --memory-init-file will cause an error.
    That way, we can use the setting in the postamble, without too many changes
    in other places.
    Since memory is initialized to all zero, trailing zeros can be omitted.
    This change affects the file-based initialization as well.
  7. @brion

    Fix shared libraries in autoconf projects on Linux host

    brion authored
    Partial revert of commit 53a969d, plus addition of comment
    explaining why the verbiage about ld compatibility is there.
    Added a check for the 'GNU' token in 'emcc -v' output to tests.
  8. Merge pull request #3539 from philippwiesemann/fix-site-sphinx-warnings

    Fix warnings from sphinx in documentation
Commits on Jun 14, 2015
  1. @juj
  2. @juj
  3. @juj
  4. @juj
  5. @juj
  6. @juj
  7. @juj
Commits on Jun 13, 2015
  1. @philippwiesemann

    Fix warnings from sphinx in documentation

    philippwiesemann authored
    This also fixed broken links.
Commits on Jun 12, 2015
  1. Merge pull request #3536 from juj/fix_emscripten_log

  2. Merge pull request #3533 from juj/test_biggerswitch

  3. @juj

    Add a new test case to emscripten_log.cpp to fix a logging crash, and…

    juj authored
    … fix it by removing a unnecessarily strict assertion in formatString (code in formatString only needs 4 byte alignment, but asserts 8 bytes)
Commits on Jun 11, 2015
  1. @juj

    Add new test test_biggerswitch that aims to check we are able to comp…

    juj authored
    …ile switch-cases of unbounded length.
Commits on Jun 10, 2015
  1. remove emterpreter YIELDLIST - it complicates the mental model and is…

    … not worth it for the rather slim amount of benefit it provides
  2. Merge pull request #3529 from juj/no_relpath_in_emar

    Remove unnecessary relpath in emar. Fixes #3525.
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