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Converted Static Libraries do not include Library Functions #306

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If you store this as calc_mean.c:

double mean(double a, double b) {
  return (a+b) / 2;

and compile it
clang -c calc_mean.c -o calc_mean.o -emit-llvm

then create a static library:
ar rcu libmean.a calc_mean.o

(check symbols:)
llvm-nm libmean.a
llvm-nm calc_mean.o

convert to js:
emcc -O0 --closure 0 libmean.a

resulted js code does not include the mean function (even when adding 'mean' and '_mean' to EXPORTED_FUNCTIONS in settings.js)


This is a compiler/linker issue, it will happen with clang without emscripten too. Archives are linked differently than normal files by the compiler, only the relevant parts of them are linked in. Since there is no other code here, nothing is linked in.

So compiling the .o will work here, but not the .a

You actually need to put the other files in the right order too, with archives: clang main.cpp lib.a will work (if main uses lib stuff), but clang lib.a main.cpp will not.

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