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nbp commented Apr 2, 2012

Separate PATH variables of llvm and clang and add a PATH variable for java runtime.

Add a way to override the sanity file location otherwise this may cause failures of either emscripten or the nix store because the configuration file is stored in a read-only directory which can be verified with checksum after installation.

@kripken kripken commented on the diff Apr 3, 2012

# we re-check sanity when the settings are changed)
def check_sanity(force=False):
+ if not SANITY_FILE:

kripken Apr 3, 2012


Why is this needed? The patch makes it so that SANITY_FILE always exists, I think?


nbp Apr 3, 2012

This test is needed because the config file may overwrite it to set it to None. This is necessary because the configuration file is stored in a location which is not writable by all users, and build users are isolated and do not necessarily have a home directory.

In addition, the sanity is likely to be tested at install time, and it would be best to avoid doing it for each package compilation.


kripken Apr 4, 2012


Ah ok, I see, thanks.


kripken commented Apr 4, 2012

Ok, this looks good. Can you please

  1. Add yourself to AUTHORS.txt
  2. Check that the automatic tests pass. The relevant part for this is python tests/ sanity. Please also run python tests/ test_hello_world as well just to be safe.

nbp added some commits Apr 8, 2012

@nbp nbp Add my-self in the AUTHORS file, as requested. 219533f
@nbp nbp Update the test suite to set bad settings values. f988355
@nbp nbp Fix inverted condition in the test suite. 230794f
@nbp nbp Check environment variables for the cache directory such as the build…

can override it since the builder does not have a home directory.
@nbp nbp Add buildfarm rules to check emscripten.
This file is used by hydra buildfarm to compile and check emscripten, it
can also be used locally by running:

nix-build ./buildfarm/release.nix -A build

kripken commented Jul 12, 2012

Sorry for forgetting about this. Do you want to rebase this?


kripken commented Feb 11, 2014

I think this functionality was added in other ways. In any case, closing this due to lack of activity, but please reopen if you feel it is necessary.

kripken closed this Feb 11, 2014

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