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  • Benefit from emerging features in JavaScript, like SIMD
  • Compilation speed improvements in LLVM:
    • Optimize link stage by writing a single LLVM program to do llvm-link + dce/other linktime opts we do + llvm-dis. That would just avoid serializing/desearializing the whole LLVM module between the steps, which we currently do twice unnecessarily.
    • Optimize llvm-link
    • Write an LLVM minifier IR pass. Does not need to be perfect, but reducing identifier size as early as possible would reduce overall compilation memory use and likely give a nice speedup
  • Finish libcxx test suite passing.
  • Proper port of the SDL2 codebase from source (currently we have an SDL1.3 implementation of our own, which has various limitations, and SDL2's source has a license we can accept).
  • Finish Regal integration, to potentially replace or be an option alongside our current GL emulation support for legacy GL stuff.
  • Improve generated code speed
  • IDE integration (Visual Studio, etc.)
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