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# This script tests debugging information generated by a compiler.
# Input arguments
# - Input source program. Usually this source file is decorated using
# special comments to communicate debugger commands.
# - Executable file. This file is generated by the compiler.
# This perl script extracts debugger commands from input source program
# comments in a script. A debugger is used to load the executable file
# and run the script generated from source program comments. Finally,
# the debugger output is checked, using FileCheck, to validate
# debugging information.
use File::Basename;
my $testcase_file = $ARGV[0];
my $executable_file = $ARGV[1];
my $input_filename = basename $testcase_file;
my $output_dir = dirname $executable_file;
my $debugger_script_file = "$output_dir/$input_filename.debugger.script";
my $output_file = "$output_dir/$input_filename.gdb.output";
# Extract debugger commands from testcase. They are marked with DEBUGGER:
# at the beginning of a comment line.
open(INPUT, $testcase_file);
open(OUTPUT, ">$debugger_script_file");
while(<INPUT>) {
my($line) = $_;
$i = index($line, "DEBUGGER:");
if ( $i >= 0) {
$l = length("DEBUGGER:");
$s = substr($line, $i + $l);
print OUTPUT "$s";
print OUTPUT "\n";
print OUTPUT "quit\n";
# setup debugger and debugger options to run a script.
my $my_debugger = $ENV{'DEBUGGER'};
if (!$my_debugger) {
$my_debugger = "gdb";
my $debugger_options = "-q -batch -n -x";
# run debugger and capture output.
system("$my_debugger $debugger_options $debugger_script_file $executable_file >& $output_file");
# validate output.
system("FileCheck", "-input-file", "$output_file", "$testcase_file");
if ($?>>8 == 1) {
exit 1;
else {
exit 0;
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