Port of libxml to JavaScript using Emscripten
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Online demo at http://syssgx.github.com/xml.js/

This package exports the xmllint object which is an Emscripten port of libxml2's xmllint command for use in the browser or node.

Object xmllint.validateXML({
	xml: "String",
	schema: "String" || ["String", "String", ...]

The return value Object has one property errors which is either null, in the case of no errors, or an Array of error strings....eg:

if (!xmllint.validateXML(opts).errors) {
	//there were no errors.

Usable with Browserify via browserify-shim.

Building xmllint from source

Install emscripten.

	git clone
	git submodule init
	git submodule update

There are also equivalent gulp tasks.